Whats the big deal about a kiss

Whats the big deal about a kiss

It is surprising to hear experienced seemingly mature filmmakers projecting a kiss between the lead pair as some kind of a nirvanic USP for their film.

Sabbir Khan who has given us two carry-home rom-coms in the past spoke up proudly to a tabloid about a kiss between his lead pair in Baaghi: "Tiger and Shradha share a great rapport having known each other since their school days and were really comfortable with each other. I noticed the comfort they share during our reading sessions and decided to tap it."

Mr Khan seems to suggest that he decided to plant a kiss in his film for his lead pair because they knew each other from school days and shared a good rapport.

What a dumb reason to have a kiss in a film. It's like that director who decides to make his heroine do a sexy dance number just because one day he sees her swinging her hips sensuously while walking to the sets. "Arrey yaar yeh toh kamar bahot achcha hilati hai. Isska item number karte hain."

Likewise, have comfort-level, will kiss. Eh, Mr Khan?

A kiss should be as natural as a sneeze or a laugh. As long as our filmmakers continue to treat it as an occasion for self-congratulation, mainstream Hindi cinema will never grow up.

Incidentally Balki's Ki & Ka has a series of kisses between Arjun and Kareena. Did we hear the director thump his chest and let out Tarzan whoops of delight about them? Did we hear Balki proclaim, "Dear prospective viewers, my film has not one but many kisses. You must watch it many times, one time for every kiss."

Here's what Balki has to say about the kisses. "Kareena, Arjun and I didn't even discuss the kisses. They were there, as normally as there would be between any couple. What's the big deal about kissing?"

Heard that, Sabbir Khan? Balki didn't see his lead pair sharing warm vibes before deciding, "Arrey yaar, yeh donon toh bade comfortable lag rahe hai. Inhe kiss karaya jaye."

Ridiculous primitive archaic and regressive attitude to what is a natural normal expression of love. Wake up, filmmakers. This is the 21st century. When a woman loves a man she expresses it in many ways. The kiss is one of them. Don't sell the kiss to the public as if your lead pair has just made violent love in full public view.

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