Arbaaz Khan -Malaika Arora Khan end of a dream marriage

Hrithik Roshan's 15-year marriage to Susanne Khan ended abruptly last year. Another long-lasting marriage that of Arbaaz Khan and Malaika Arora, is on the verge of closure. In both cases it is the wife who wanted out.

While Arbaaz's family, especially Salman Khan, and Malaika's parents have been trying to convince her to re-think her decision, Malaika has made up her mind.

According to insiders the break has been building up for years

Says a source, "Basically Malaika has been very troubled with Arbaaz's lack of success in his career. How long will he live in his superstar-brother's shadows? That's what she has asking from the inception of their marriage. Malaika has never come to terms with the Khan parivars close bonding with one another. She has always felt like an outsider. Now when Salman is talking to Malaika to encourage a reconciliation he is forgetting he never approved of the way she dressed, of the work she did and the friends she had. Salman and Malaika hardly share a bond were he can tell her salvage her marriage with his brother."

Malaika, say insiders, never felt at home in her in-laws' home. Sadly for her, her husband's first priority was his parents. She was never comfortable with that.

Says a source, "Arbaaz and Malaika started drifting apart a very long time ago. She grew close to a young aspiring actor who was a regular visitor at the Khan's residence, as he was seeing Salman and Arbaaz's sister at that time. When Malaika's proximity to that aspiring actor was discovered he was forbidden from visiting the Khans. Malaika is now very close to a very rich Indian admirer in London who floods her with attention and gifts. She has moved on. Arbaaz just has to accept it."

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