Art of Living or Art of Intimidation Twinkle Khanna reacts on hubby Akshay being pulled into the ring

Art of Living or Art of Intimidation Twinkle Khanna reacts on hubby Akshay being pulled into the ring

It all started with spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar sharing his views on Malala Yousafzai getting a Nobel Peace Prize. While he is said to have 'turned down the award' as 'it doesn't have a value any more', the shocker came when he referred to Malala winning one as a 'political prize' as the '16 year old girl had done nothing to earn it'.

Ever so aware when it comes to matters pertaining to politics and social matters, Twinkle Khanna promptly tweeted – "Sri Sri got his nobel foot and half his beard stuck in his mouth in a yogic pose that Baba Ramdev perfected a while ago #HolyMenAndHairyTales".
While this was meant to be a joke, those belonging to Sri Sri's Art of Living got offended soon enough. Darshak Hathi, who is tagged as a 'Yogi' on his social media account, and is designated as International Director, Art of Living Foundation, came up with a fiery tweet that read – "Millions f Followers r going 2 boycott #Housefull3 4 hurting d sentiments by inappropriate & ill intended comments f @mrsfunnybones on Sri Sri".

The knee jerk reaction wasn't taken kindly as many supporters of Twinkle Khanna and husband Akshay Kumar, the leading man of Housefull 3, came out in defence of the lady. Meanwhile, the lady decided to pull off the tweet and even came up with a late night apology via a tweet – "Didn't mean to hurt anyone's feelings was meant to be a joke and am old enough to accept an error of judgement on my part".

Though the matter could have been closed at this point, the Director went on to tweet – "Error of Judgement or Fear of #BoycottHousefull3. Anyway Being Old & Being wise is different thing."

That is what upset Twinkle all the more and she tweeted – "Art of living teacher practising Art of intimidation? Didn't like my joke diss me-drag my husband,boycott etc #Shame."

At this point in time, Darshak Hathi did soften down and said, "My tweet was in respond to your tweet which has hurt my sentiments. I appreciate that you have gracefully deleted it.
Art of Living or Art of Intimidation Twinkle Khanna reacts on hubby Akshay being pulled into the ring

While Twinkle did revert stating "I have a snapshot of what you said after i apologised and deleted my joke 'Fear of Boycott Housefull3' is this art of living?", Darshak too diverted the conversation from his earlier 'boycott appeal' and wrote "It happens when sentiments are hurt. No Hard feeling. Sorry if you r hurt."

Though the series of tweets did make the weekend gone by pretty exciting for the fans and followers on social media, it does make wonder how celebrities continue to be targeted when it comes to political, religious or spiritual matters. Our take on the affairs is that while Sri Sri, his followers and Twinkle Khanna are mature enough to settle matters amicably or battle it out in the ring, as the case may be, the sheer idea of bringing on the family members – especially celebrities – and raising a call for boycotting their films is nothing more than a desperate attempt of digressing from the topic and attacking a soft target.

Hope there are better ways of stepping on the stage for a debate than an 'Intimidating' act like this which truly defeats the core purpose of an 'Art of Living'.

What do you think?

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