Ram Gopal Varma makes sexist comments on Angoorlata Deka

Ram Gopal Varma's latest comments on twitter about Angoorlata Deka, the new parliamentarian from Assam, have not gone down well with those who think the remarks to be leery and sexist. After seeing Ms Deka's photographs Ramu had tweeted appreciatively, "If MLA can look like this achche din aa gaye hain."

Defending his complimentary tweet on Ms Deka, Ramu says, "My comment on MLA Angoorlataji was a compliment on her looks, and what's wrong with complimenting a woman on her beauty?"

Ramu feels parliamentarians by and large do not deserve to be complimented for their looks. "Most MLA's look so bad. Not that they need to look good, but Angoorlataji's looks came as a surprise to me."

In fact so enamoured is by Ms Deka's looks that Ramu has discovered a newly-acquired respect for politics. "I don't know anything about politics nor am I interested, but if there are beautiful or handsome looking politicians, I might start loving politics as much as films."

When told his remarks were being seriously trolled Ramu shrugged, "I was always a kind of a wild horse, very impulsive and fast. If I try to control my wildness I am sure I will lose my uniqueness and so I just worked towards steering my thoughts instead of stopping them. I don't care who likes me because I only care about who and what I like. I am okay with being hated."

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