Characters: Adhyayan Suman (Akash Verma) Akash is a struggling musician who lives on his singular dream of stardom. Supporting him in his quest for fame and success are three band members, who share his vision as well as his tribulations. Akash’s troubles are compounded by a turbulent home environment. An orphan, he is supported (financially) by his sister, who bears the ignominy of being mistress to a very wealthy and powerful man. At a glance, Akash is a typical 20-year old-hot-headed, brash, romantic. What sets his character apart, though, is an unusual maturity, which unfolds in the film. The audience can literally watch Akash growing up in the film – from a frivolous young boy to a man of responsibility, who has had to endure much. Worth special mention here is Akash’s innocence and charm, which remains intact till the end, despite it all. The strength of his character comes alive in the climactic scene, where nothing can move the man he has become. Even stardom, which he does achieve in the end, sits lightly on his shoulders.
The heart melts as he forgets and forgives all, a picture of serenity… Anjana Sukhani (Sara) Sara brings a whiff of spring; she is the fresh summer breeze in the film! Full of spunk, Sara wears a don’t care attitude on her sleeve and easily makes Akash fall in love with her. But before you can dismiss her as a frivolous eye candy, Sara takes in the screen by storm, supporting Akash through his struggles, keeping his faith alive himself amid all hopelessness. Respect for Sara’s character grows when she doesn’t hesitate twice to shun the riches of her family (opposed to her relationship with Akash) to be by Akash’s side, making her home in a dilapidated garage with her love. Sara almost overshadows the character Akash at times owing to her never say die attitude, most poignant being the time when she sticks to her cause even when Akash deserts her! Sara makes you cheer ‘go girl’! Shahana Goswami (Nisha)  It would be rare if one can come up with a recent parallel in Bollywood to the tragedy of Nisha’s character. In a nutshell, she can easily be summed up as a pitiable whore, who survives on the largesse doled out by her benefactor. Pity, however, begins to give way to compassion for the character of Nisha, as one discovers her love for the man in her life to be greater that the need for him. One almost discovers the meaning of unconditional love afresh as Nisha’s feelings for her man remain steadfast in spite of countless rejections and humiliations. While she always cites the reason of need (economic as well as emotional) upon her brother’s protestations about her scandalous relationship, a careful observer would put her deep yeaming to nothing less than love. The strength of her character especially comes alive during her intense period of struggle, when she is forsaken by her loved ones and shunned by the world. The level of her endurance seems highly unnatural at times, but her suffering keeps it real… The audience suffers with her and commends her on every act of survival against extreme odds and rejoices when she can muster enough strength to say no to the very man whom she was ready to do anything at all. Humayun Saeed (Aman Bajaj) Dashing and charismatic, this is one negative character you find to hate! Playing Nisha’s man and Akash’s enemy on screen, Aman’s character seeks to explore a whole new way in which we view the bad guy in Bollywood! Even though black is his favourite colour in the film, Aman’s character exudes shades of grey, where the thin line between right and wrong often seems blurred… playing a powerful tycoon, whose aura screams ‘don’t mess with me!’ the subtlety with which Aman’s character is portrayed seems tailor-made for an actor of Humayun Saeed’s Finesse.

While the exploitative, vindictive streak in Aman is hard to forgive, one does experience flashes of empathy as he undergoes his own moments of loss and regrets. More so with his self-reproaching speech in the end, tears streaming down his face, making the character of Aman awash in white, his dark, good looks notwithstanding! Synopsis On every street in every home, somewhere in India, there is a ‘nobody’ who wants desperately to be a ‘somebody’. Jashnn is the story of one such nobody…  Akash Verma, a twenty year old Indian lad, thirsts to become a singing icon that can blaze a trial for himself among the galaxy of existing stars. But though he has dreams in his heart, he has been unable to find that distinctive voice that he can call his own, that will propel him to the top. Only when he’s shattered by life and unflinchingly looks at the sordid truth straight in the face – that he is freeloading off his elder sister Nisha, who, in order to offer him a decent life style, has become the mistress of a rich businessman, Aman Bajaj; is he is able to touch his inner core. Call it irony or a twist of fate, but the person who sees him through this dark night and mentors him when he’s down and out is none other than the sister of the person who he hates most in the world…Aman Bajaj. It is Sara, Aman’s sister, who makes him realize that he is an extremely talented man who is simply going through a bad phase and that the biggest crime a human being can commit, is to give up on himself. Spurred by life’s bittersweet lessons, and Sara’s genuine love and support, Akash, in the harshest winter of his life discovers an invincible summer within himself…thereby discovering his own voice. With this very special tune which has been soaked with the passion of his lived life, he not only touches his inexhaustible potential and becomes an overnight star but also brings dignity it his beleaguered sister, humbles his biggest detractor Aman Bajaj and in the process, lives up to the faith that Sara had in him all along.

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