Suheldev – The King Who Saved India

The film tells the incredible story of King Suheldev, who fought valiantly to drive the all- conquering Turkic hordes away from India. The story is set in the 11th century when the Turks, led by Mahmud of Ghazni, launched multiple raids on India and also destroyed the holiest of the holies, the Somnath temple. It is then that the young warrior Suheldev set out on an adventurous journey and gathered an army of his own, with soldiers from across religions, castes and regions, to fight the Turkish marauders. The film will beautifully capture the epic Battle of Bahraich (in present-day UP) where the Indian army led by King Suheldev crushed the Turkic army, and killed their soldiers to the last man. Such was the nature of the comprehensive victory, that no Turkic army dared to invade India for the next 160 years!

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