Mere Desh Ki Dharti

Ajay, and his pal Sameer represent the contemporary state of today’s youth, their confusions, insecurities, dreams, decisions and their dilemmas. After his Mechanical Engineering degree Ajay plans a start-up with funding from a local politician, while Sameer is in his endless pursuit of a lousy promotion for a ‘show off’ to appease his girlfriend’s father. However, their dreams crash and negativity creeps in their confused mind. They decide to end their lives. After hilarious failures of their suicide attempts, they head towards the interiors of rural India for an isolated spot where their legend remains anonymous. Superstitious Sameer gets an auspicious mahurat time for suicide from his trusted astrologer.With two bottles of poison and one mahurat they board a train; sans the ticket only to be thrown out at a village in Madhya Pradesh. Surprisingly, they find that the folks there, despite their humble means, are less competitive, modest and chilled out than the aggressive and deceitful city people they had left behind. This is where they meet – Pappu, a small-time orchestra singer who misunderstands them for someone else. Pappu treats them well while the mahurat time of suicide also passes away. Ajay meets Jhumki, the local trader's jovial daughter. When Ajay and Sameer share their truth, Pappu offers them to live at his house. Sameer and Ajay understand the true horror of suicide after they save a farmer Ramdas from committing suicide because of bank debts. These problems were a normal occurrence in this village as they are all in deep loans and the loan sharks are waiting to grab their lands. Ajay and Sameer have a showdown with the bank manager. Soon the farmers are given an ultimatum to either pay or part with their lands forever. Ajay makes Sameer drop the stupid thought of suicide and help the distressed farmers. Pappu, Ajay, Sameer and Jhumki together plan the most drastic change in the lives of the farmers. Ajay cumulates the land of all debt-ridden farmers and with some backup from Jhumki and farmers. Ajay infuses novel techniques into farming. With little money he continues his work but one day the dearth of money to sow, irrigate and till lands comes to haunt him. The climax of the film unfolds inside a studio where a celebrity anchor is hosting a TED talk type show.  Will Ramdas and other farmers land be free of loan sharks and bank mafias? And how? Will Ajay and Sameer ever get back to the city?

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