Movie Review: London Paris New York

London Paris New York is a story that plots around a boy and a girl who are in their twenties which is the most dramatic age in one’s life. It’s the age in which you have your first significant relationship and find out who you are.

Lalitha is a south Indian girl who is very ambitious and whose going to New York to study politics on full scholarship whereas Nikhil is a rich Punjabi kid who is going to study film studies in London on his father’s money and they both decide to meet one evening and realize that they are drawn to each other and then they keep meeting in three different countries over a period of eight years. They meet in London, Paris and New York and that is what London Paris New York stands for.

The movie is shot in three different chapters and all three chapters described their mental state of mind. They also realize that their future lies in two different continents. The movie is releasing on March 2 and Ali Zafar is playing the main role which is working out for him after the huge success of Mere Brother Ki Dulhan.

The movie looks like a lot of fun and also the fact that it is shot in three different countries and also project a very happening stage of one’s life. The 20’s are to live and figure out what you want to do for the rest of your life.

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