Movie Review: Impatient Vivek

A thought often crosses my mind while watching some films. Do people involved in those films actually know what they’re making? This thought crossed my mind not once, twice or thrice, but several times while watching IMPATIENT VIVEK. One wonders what this film is all about. Is it a love story? Or is it about a dysfunctional family’s quarrels? Is it meant to make you laugh? Sadly, in this film the laughs are hard to come by. To be honest, I didn’t quite understand what this film was trying to say in the first place. Assorted characters and various plots have been mixed and merged to make a 2-hour fare, which, sadly, leaves you feeling exasperated at its conclusion. Vivek [Vivek Sudershan], who people fondly call IV, falls hopelessly in love with Shruti [Sayali Bhagat] at the scenic locales of Goa. After a cold response from her, the dejected IV returns to his hometown in Rajasthan and two years later, fate knocks on his doors as he accidentally bumps into her. Dejected after knowing that she is already engaged, a spurned lover in Vivek decides to take over. He kidnaps Shruti. Her family makes desperate attempts to trace her. In the end, all’s well that ends well.

Director Rahat Kazmi, who is also credited with the script of the film, attempts to incorporate just about everything in those two hours. But it comes across as a poor assemblage of sequences, instead of a coherent plot that keeps you hooked in the proceedings. The film jumps from one track to another, offers no explanations absolutely and to top it all, the songs show up like unwanted guests. If that’s not enough, there’re sequences that make you cringe in your seat. The massage sequence at the start and the entire sequence when Sayali hits Vivek on his crotch and he rubs ice on it… sequences such as these are an embarrassment. What kind of humor is this? Saddled with a shoddy screenplay, there’s precious little the director can do to salvage the situation. The sole factor that catches your attention is its music, with a couple of hummable songs that are easy on the ears. But the placement of most songs is imperfect. Cinematography [M. Sethuraman] is alright. Vivek Sudershan, who enacts the title role, lacks the looks and charisma to carry off the lead part. Even otherwise the script offers him no scope to act. Sayali Bhagat looks pretty, that’s it. The actor enacting the role of Sayali’s step-brother does well. Muni Jha is wasted. Hrishikesh Joshi is strictly okay. Charu Asopa and Prateek try hard to act.

On the whole, one needs loads of patience to sit through IMPATIENT VIVEK.

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