Friendship Day another marketing stunt?

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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All around the world, on every first Sunday of August, friends meet and exchange gifts, flowers, cards and wrist bands to celebrate Friendship Day. But some believe it’s just another marketing gimmick.

“There is no one day for friendship. Like Valentine’s Day it is hyped by marketing people to sell their products. The same thing happens with Friendship Day as well,” software professional Varun Arora said.

“Do you think we really need days to celebrate our love or friendship? All this is completely ridiculous,” he added.

Media professional Biswadip Mitra shares the same sentiments. He said: “Friendship Day may be a nice way to remember your friends. But in reality a friend will always be around. “Personally, I don’t need to tell him or her that you are on my mind. My affection will always be there and my friends will know it all the time.”

Mitra also feels that human emotions and bonding cannot be measured by gifts. “I think these days there are mostly artificial impositions on our minds. Basically human emotions and bonding cannot be measured by time or cards or flowers.”

But there are many others who wait for this day to celebrate friendship. “I love and value my friends and this is a special day to celebrate friendship. Through this day I just want to tell everyone that they are special and thank them for being there in my life,” said photographer Randeep Singh Pundir.

Pundir has already made plans with his friends to celebrate Friendship Day, which is on August 2 this year. “As it is a Sunday, my friends will come to my place where we will chat and remember our good old days when we were careless and carefree in college,” he said.

For public relations executive Bhavna Katyal this day is another excuse to be with friends and chill out. “In today’s hectic world, you hardly get time to be with your friends. Hectic working hours, long distances play spoilsport and hence we don’t get time to catch up even if we are living in the same city,” Katyal said.

“I completely believe in celebrating this day because it gives me an excuse to be with my friends and enjoy. On a normal day, we only speak on the phone; hence this is a perfect day to chill out.”

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