Yes, opposites do attract!

A thought by an artist about the various associations and intellectual assumptions related to the two words — that of the light and the dark, and their significance in literature, religion and different philosophies, is on display. Through her works, artist Divvya Nirula presents a new art form that collaborates two of the most ancient crafts of the world — stained glass and stone carvings.

Reversing the dynamics of light and dark, this experimental art exhibition is presented by using mandalas and panels, constructed by stained glass, crystals and semi-precious stones. “The mediums used provide one with an opportunity to innovate and explore. Stained glass is an old European art form but I have tried to contemporise it by adapting its significance in different cultures of the world,” says Nirula. “Similarly, in stone carvings instead of the traditional patterns, I have used motifs from Chinese and Jewish culture.”

Titled Captured Glass, the exhibition is divided into three chapters — The Falling, The Dialects of Light and Dark and The Form representing Light and Dark as signifiers for life/death, good/evil and the positive/negative. “Through this exhibition, people will get to experience the alternative interpretations of light and darkness. The artwork Vishnu Lotus, for instance, refers to the Christian interpretation of light and darkness. The Water Lotus on the other hand interprets Chinese beliefs,” she Narula, also the curator of the exhibition. She feels the world of light and darkness is never ending and wishes to revisit and dwell on the idea with a new medium as the backdrop.

The exhibition is on at the Academy of Fine Arts and Literature, 4/6, Siri Fort Road till  February 28.

Timings 11 am to 7 pm


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