Bollywood Fact versus Fiction

“I know my Raj will find me and then we will live happily ever after”

“If I am to find a suitable girl, I need a body like Salman Khan”

These statements demonstrate how strong of an influence “Bollywood” has on the South Asian culture.  When I use the term “Bollywood”, I am including all regions of the movie and television industries in India.  True Bollywood is located in Mumbai and is only part of this powerful industry.  There is no harm in sitting back and enjoying a movie or TV show  – the danger lies in believing what is portrayed is how real life should be.  One would think such beliefs arise out of illiteracy and lack of education.  However, there are even well-educated people who try to model their lives around their favourite “Bollywood” characters.  If things do not go as per the plot of their favourite “Bollywood” movie, there is a sense of hopelessness; in an attempt to escape reality, one then strives to become a “Bollywood” character.  Why is it hard to see that these “Bollywood” characters are enacting a script on screen and are completely different personalities in their off-screen unscripted real lives?  Even though modern day “Bollywood” is producing movies and television shows based on reality, one has to realise that there is still some scripting in order to increase audience viewings.  Is it possible to  contain the fantasy that is “Bollywood” within the realm of entertainment so that any crossover into reality is purely via an aware mind for enriching one's life?  This boundary between the fantasy and reality has taken decades to break down;  building it back up may be a difficult task.  It may be more fruitful to focus on  spreading awareness so that the mind can learn to filter.  In this mission, we have help from resources like Limitless Productions. 

“Limitless Productions an Indo-contemporary Dance Theatre company that uses performance art as a tool for social change.  Indo-contemporary is a blend of Indian Classical Dance and Contemporary Ballet.” 

Their third production “Sex, Bollywood & Other Lies” focuses on bringing about such mindfulness.  It will be featured at the 2012 Toronto Fringe Festival.

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