Raje Shwari Wants to Know, Are You Ready for Me

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Rajé Shwari asks the world if they are ready to join her on her quest to bring South Asian culture to the mainstream forefront with the long-awaited release of her single, cleverly titled “Ready For Me,” on BollyHood Records.

Known as the self-proclaimed Queen of BollyHood, Rajé is previously recognized for her work with Timbaland as featured on the record “Indian Flute,” along with collaborations with the likes of Jay-Z (The Blueprint 2, ‘The Bounce’) and Pharell (Charlie’s Angels, ‘The Flyest’). Now, Rajé is taking her music to the next level and beginning this new chapter by releasing “Ready For Me” as a free download encouraging everyone to join the BollyHood Records movement and follow her to where no South Asian artist has gone before.

Rajé Shwari has been absent on the scene working on her music, her look, her brand meanwhile enriching her vision; she is sure to be worth the wait. She and her Atlanta production team seamlessly combine elements of Urban and Bhangra music and package them for a broader audience. Just as the record label’s name suggests, BollyHood Records is a platform for Rajé to bring the best of the cultural East over to the modern day West.

“It’s taken me almost five years not only to build my sound and create the kind of music that I really wanted to make, but in the process I became passionate about launching my own record label, which I hadn’t anticipated. The attention to detail and devising a long-term plan really became my priority, so I took my time and thought things through.  It’s funny because what mattered to me most after the ups & downs and successes & failures, was when I had the audience’s attention again, I wanted to deliver beyond their expectations, and even my own.”

Rajé says that this single is just the beginning! She plans on releasing at least two more singles for free. Not one to harp on getting 99 cents for a download, Rajé Shwari is initially hoping to gain the love and respect of music listeners as she ushers in this movement with BollyHood Records. It is your turn to get involved: download “Ready For Me” for free here.

YouTube: http://youtube.com/therealraje


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