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With persistence I centred once again amidst
contemplation, deep into the realm of visualization
and meditation, perplexed by the eternal
unanswerable questions and the rumination
on the mysteries of life, creation
and the veiled obscure purpose of life . . .
Who am I? From where did I come?
Why am I really here now?
And whither do I go from here?
Why is it so difficult for me, to passively accept
the answers of earlier prophets, saints and seers?
Surely this marvel of the spirit, mind,
psyche, intellect, emotions and the body
has not been created to only eat, drink, make
merry, beget offspring, amass wealth wisdom,
name, fame, power, and then fade, wither and die?

As a seeker, I delved into various faiths and
religions known and unknown as best as I could.
Instinct confirms the presence of God
like the pervasive power of the unseen wind.
Manmade religions, surging rivers seeking to merge
into the common sea of bliss, The Divine,
that One Omnipotent Power That is God,
identified and adored in various traditional forms
and by numerous names to suit the need
of each and every individual seeker. . .

Siva, Allah, Jesus, Mary, Su, Sukiyo Mahikari,
Menorah, Zeus, Zoroaster, Sufi, Guru Nanak,
Mahavira, Odin, Inti, Ra, Krishna, Rama, Kabir,
Shamash, Buddah, Aten, Ramakrishna, Yogananda,
Vivekananda, Sri Vasudeva, Maharaji, Yogi
Satyam, Amirthananthamayi, Sathya Sai Baba
But beloved God Almighty, One and Only!
How great, how great Thou art my Lord!
How great are Thy power and Thy glory!
There is no single face, body or mind like another,
Never a similar story, stone, sprout or summer.
No identical thought, action or even laughter.
To create this massive mosaic of such glorious
diversity, command it, reign uncontested
and supreme, how great Thou art!
My Lord, How great Thou art!
and how very little we understand
of Thy inscrutable ways!
With these thoughts pervading my mind,
I fell fast asleep and dreamed . . .

Divine handiwork the Universe watched with awed
reverence, as the timeless Lord Siva, Hindu king
of the heavens, cobras adorned, holy ash and tiger
skin clad, with the crescent moon and the river
Ganges flowing forth from his matted locks, atop
worlds highest Himalayan peak icebound
Mount Everest, the abode of the immortal Devas,
Kailash, sat in meditation long silent and still,
drinking from the cup of self to His fill . . .

At last, Thriyambaha opened His three eyes
and beheld the outcome of his intense
concentration. “Oh! What a shame!
Is this all? This is but a ball of barren soil!
The planet earth! Of what use can this be?”
With great disappointment and utter dismay
Abinath flung that orb out into the void
of the cosmos and silently watched,
as the world revolved and rotated away.
At the flash of a sudden insight, Sambasiva
Beckoned His better half, Umadevi.
“Behold the Bhuloka, that smooth sphere twirling
afar? Go forth! See what you can do with it!”
Goddess Parvathy, full of power and grace,
Stepped on the sterile earth, spinning in space.
Energetically Kali toiled, digging hill and dale,
plateau and plain, waterfall and mountain.
The salty sea, spring, stream, river, desert, oasis
and fountain. Deftly Durga sculptured the face of
the earth with superb skill, and joined her Lord
in the eternal, ceaseless cosmic dance with mirth.

Resplendent Lakshmi on the red lotus, bestower
of wealth, was the red clad Goddess, Nadarajah
sent next. With one sweep of Her bounteous hand
Sri Devi made the whole wide world fertile
with grain, tree, flower, seed, fruit, yam and creeper
vegetable, cotton, cocoa, coffee, tea and rubber
dawn, dusk, noon, sunset and the evening shower
Thirumagal did pierce deep into the bowels of the
earth, and buried all the rare multi-fold treasures.
copper, iron, slate, granite, gold and silver
the nine precious gems and diamonds aglitter.

Surprised, elated and excited with this quick
progress, Neelakanda next despatched the Goddess
of wisdom. White clad and serene on the white
lotus, Devi Saraswathy. With the first twang of
Sarathe’s vina string the silence ceased, and in
melody, the world did sing with music and sound.
‘Om’intoned the wind! Thunder clapped.
‘Pitter patter’sang the rain! Brooks rippled merrily
and waves roared! Next, with artistic brush
and multihued paint, fragrant flowers, the rainbow,
black rock and brown sod, shades of green
to the creepers, ferns, leaves and the grass.
The sea and sky blue, with clouds as white as glass
Kalaimagal gifted colour and sound to every
possible thing!

Utterly pleased with this excellent artistic tapestry
of the talented consorts of the Hindu Trinity,
the facets of the Supreme, Brahma, Vishnu and Siva
Mahadeva took time, exploited His skill and power
and created the first form of life, the amoeba.
At once the amoeba systematically split in two
and the pair simply floated away with never
a look behind. Then pair by pair Paramasiva
did continue to create the myriads of each and every
varied form of life. Mite, fish, insect, bird, animal,
reptile and watched with mounting impatience
as they all hurried away, busy as ever
in their eternal quest for food, pleasure and power.

Utterly disillusioned Maheswara exclaimed,
‘As my last effort, I will coerce my utmost power
and create the human beings, man and woman
in my image, with my divine spark within as their
conscience and bless them with the sixth sense!’
Lo and behold! The first Adam and Eve,
the inimitable wondrous miracle of creation
stood before the splendorous Sivasambo.
They looked around and up at Haran’ benevolent
face and instinctively knew how to win Sathasiva’s
grace. Down they prostrated at His lotus feet
with thanks, love, worship, praise and adoration.

Gratified and glad, the great God Gangatharan
Blessed them, “As long as you both strive to live
with Truth, Love, Peace, Righteousness and
Non-violence, and ensure that the three facets
of humanity, The Body, Mind and the Spirit
are nurtured in balanced growth, Health, Wealth,
Harmony and Happiness will be yours!
Go forth with joy, into this wide wonderful world!
Procreate your descendants, march forward in
honest endeavour toward the aim of
Self Actualisation, and reach the true goal of life,
Self Realisation. Henceforth Brahma will be in
charge of creation! Avatars of Vishnu will take
human birth, time and time again to nurture
the growth of righteousness on earth.”

The first couple, Adam and Eve were amazed!
At the magnificent world around them, they gazed.
It was beautiful and busy, bustling with harmony
and joy. Happy and content, away they went with
peace and started the ceaseless cycle of human life.
However, little by little things began to change and
go awry. The ego and the insatiable desires of their
fickle mind, instigated the humans to ignore and
neglect the spirit and pamper only their body
and every whim of the restless mind and emotions.
Seeking selfish pleasure, money, material
possessions and power became the one and only
goal of life of every single human being.
Sin multiplied, righteousness declined, evil
prospered and now we are daily confronted with the
result as the negative holocaust of envy, malice,
anger, hatred, crime, robbery, rape, revenge, murder
and war, that roam unfettered, hand in hand inside
every single individual human heart.
It is said, ‘though it may not be now clear to thee,
the world is unfolding as it should.’ But is it really?
It is indeed frightening, to see this lack of truth,
unconditional love, right conduct, empathy and
two-way communication in all manners of human
relationships and the futile misery of endless war
and destruction, that unfortunately plague and
torment our globe today. If we can only become
aware, accept, change, rectify our mistakes
and ensure that the spirit, mind and the body are
nurtured simultaneously from childhood, to grow
and blossom together in balanced harmony,
will not that be the first step to make certain
that even at this stage, all the misery besetting
human life and relationships will vanish and
peace and joy on earth will prevail again?

My Lord! My Lord! My Beloved Lord!
Please make it easier for every one of us to
realise that the goal of life is indeed attaining
Heaven. However this Heaven is not an exalted
abode overflowing with the nectar of ambrosia,
bliss and immortality. Heaven is really an
awareness of the enlightened state of the human
mind, brimming with true selfless Love
without the ego of the me and the mine.
God and Heaven are Really Within Us
and Within the Reach of Every One of Us!
My Lord! Please help us one and all
to introvert, look within ourselves,
watch our minds and start the trek
toward this state of mind, that is Heaven.
Thank you my Lord, for so abundantly
blessing us, with this rare opportunity
of human birth. Please do help, guide
and lead us on to the victorious end
of every single pilgrim’s way.

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