Kapda aur makaan

My family never imagined that I would be a part of this glamour industry; but I came down to Mumbai and struggled. Two years ago, I decided to settle down and felt the need for my own space. I had earned enough money so I bought a flat in Andheri.

This was the first flat I walked into and felt an instant connection. Also, the flat number is 404 that adds up to 8, my lucky number. My panditji told me that the house was auspicious because it opens as a goumukh. I decided to buy this flat, whatever happens.

It was a two-bedroom apartment but I converted one bedroom into a walk-in wardrobe. I feel women need a lot of space for clothes, shoes and other stuff. The house is spacious and I have used off-whites to highlight that. I bought a pair of black couch for my drawing room from a mall in Malad. But later, I realised that they were too huge. I am now planning to either buy new ones or get them re-sized.

Renovation slots
While I was in the Bigg Boss house, I got my bedroom renovated. It is best to redo the house when you are away and don’t have to return to a messy house. Now, I am hoping to get a similar television project so that I can go away when my living room is being renovated.

I am a very private person. There are just a couple of friends who visit me on holidays. Most of the times, you will find me at home. I cook, read and write my blog.

My den

My favourite corner is a marble slab next to a window in my walk-in wardrobe room. I sit there most of the times. My mobile charger is nearby as is the AC switch, which I can control. When I want natural air, I keep the windows open.

I am very satisfied with this house as of now. When I’ll make more money, I will find a bigger house.

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