Art Auction Attracts Younger Crowds

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Banksy, Marc Chagall, John Baldessari, Barry McGee, David Hockney, Jasper Johns, Larry Bell, Ed Moses…are just a few of the iconic artists whose work will be auctioned off this Sunday, June 8th. Santa Monica Auctions holds its 30-year anniversary auction from noon to 5pm at its A-5 space at Bergamot Station.

Santa Monica Auctions has been independently owned and operated since 1984. Offering artworks by well-known artists with exceptionally low starting bids, is one of the reasons collectors keep coming back.


Santa Monica resident, Jason Tanner has attended several auctions (at SM Auctions). “It was pretty amazing, recalls Tanner. “There was a lot going on all at once, at a really quick pace. I learned a lot and can’t wait till the next one. I already know what I plan on bidding on.”

The auction will feature all types of works such as painting sculpture photography etc., by both emerging and established artists. 

Over the past thirty years, Santa Monica Auctions has seen a lot of changes.  “Every auction brings in fresh faces who are amazed by the variety of art, as well as the huge enjoyment of being able to bid on works of art…sometimes for as little as $5-6hundred dollars, cites founder, Robert Berman. “This is very much the same way as you see in the movies or the big boys in London who are bidding with millions of dollars.”  

Berman admits that the internet has changed the auction process and can be quite helpful, but insists that it’s always better to buy live. He suggests that interested buyers should preview the work prior to the auction whenever possible. Berman continues, “I am interested in finding work which I personally would like to own and hang in my home, but more important, I am looking for work with historical significance which potentially could appreciate in a financial way.”

Santa Monica Auctions prides itself in creating a way for the average art lover to build an art collection of his or her own. “You don’t have to be a sophisticated collector,” adds Berman. One can walk away with an array of masterpieces not normally accessible to the public…Artworks such as Picasso etchings to paintings by contemporary masters.

Unlike most auctions, works will be accepted till the last minute and the electronic catalogue is constantly being updated. Check the website for details.

Artworks available by additional artists include…Jeff Koons, DeWain Valentine, Roger Herman, Robert Rauschenberg, Takashi Murakami, Marcel Dzama, Pablo Picasso, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Joan Miró, Frank Stella, Arnaldo Pomodero, Carlos Almaraz, Robert Motherwell, David Lynch, Sam Francis and many others.

The Santa Monica Auctions 30-year anniversary auction takes place this Sunday, June 8th from 12pm to 5pm in front of the A5 gallery at Bergamot Station Arts Center (2525 Michigan Ave., Santa Monica). Online and phone live bidding will be available. See auction preview Friday & Saturday (June 6 & 7th) from 11-8pm. There will be a late night preview auction event on Friday June 6th from 5-8pm.


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