Some fathers do ’ve them

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Some fathers do ’ve themJehangir Art Gallery’s ongoing exhibition is a twin show of a different kind. Artist Sheil Sadwalker has displayed a retrospect of his father Professor Baburao Sadwalker’s art, titled A Lifetime of Art and his own artworks, titled The Power of Point.

“The idea behind putting up my father’s work with mine was to show the treasure of my father’s paintings that has been an important influence on my art, as well as showcase my art,” explains Sadwalkar. Professor Baburao Sadwalker’s (1928 – 2000) collection comprises works from his academic phase to the contemporary, starting with portraits, semi abstracts to abstract paintings on canvas. He studied at the J J School of Art and thereafter was appointed as a member of the faculty at the college in the drawing and painting department.

Simple and arty
Sheil Sadwalker has been known for consistently working with a simple black ballpoint pen and translating impressions of nature and environment onto canvas.

Considering the limitations of creating works with a pen, he started making use of printing technology. After drawing on paper, he transforms them onto canvas through the process of printing. He then paints over the prints, creating layers of images.

Once this was achieved, he introduced colour to his works, resulting into his current body of works. Influenced by surrealist Salvador Dali and his father’s spiritual abstraction, he adapted this unique style.

The works comprise his drawings, canvases and an installation dedicated to the colour black and white and Lord Ganesha. He has been exhibiting his unique technique over various surfaces like paper, plywood and even the bark of a tree for over two and a half decades.

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