Nature and colours merge on canvas

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Pune-based artist Madhuri Bhaduri is inspired by the bright shades of nature, which seep into her works in vivid patches of oil paint.

The artist showed her works at the Romain Rolland Gallery at the Allaince Francaise in the capital March 28-31 in a solo exhibition titled “Madhuri Bhaduri – The Theme – In backdrop – On Canvas”. It was presented by Ragini Gallery.

The medium to large format works were mostly in oil – a medium which artists rarely experiment with these days as it takes longer to dry. “But even then I prefer oil,” Bhaduri said while she was here for the exhibition. The artist has been at work for more than two decades now.

Most of the works are abstract. Patches of colour come together on the canvas to convey crystalline and geometric hints of natural contours like mountains, valleys, plains, rivers and plateaus. The floating mysterious shapes – distinctly cubist – blend into each other, forming a homogeneous landscape.

Bhaduri, a graduate of SNDT University, says: “Painting for me is a quest for depth within the organised space of the canvas, a narration of inner experiences through the sharply defined play of texture and the rippling warmth of light and colour.”

Born in 1958 into a family of sporting professionals, Bhaduri spent her early years playing badminton and became a national champion in the game. After graduating in economics from Fergusson College, Bhaduri acquired a postgraduate degree in Arts and Painting from SNDT. She has more than 60 solo shows to her credit, both in India and abroad. She also works with acrylic, stained glass and mixed media.

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