The Great Indian Love story

This article was last updated on June 18, 2022

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The Great Indian Love story is the second book from model turned author Ira Trivedi, whose very first book a bestseller – What Would You Do To Save The World – caused a stir in media. The book was about the confessions made by a could-have-been beauty queen.

Like her first book, Ira’s new tome too brings forth the dark side of glamour. The Great Indian Love story talks about lavish parties, coke mafia, sexed-up dolls and raunchy extra marital affairs. It also talks about how youngsters fall prey to the glittering web and lose themselves in the world of drugs and sex and finally lose their lives.

Living in the twenty first century, directly or indirectly, we all know about the blind alleys of the glitzy world, be it by attending those dos or by reading about them in daily supplements.

All Ira has done is that she’s woven those expressions into a heart-wrenching love story.

The story starts with Riya, who fails to find a job in US after finishing studies and left with no choice returns to Delhi, her hometown. This is where her life takes a turn, Riya gets introduced to a bubbly girl Serena, who becomes her closest ally in town and through her, Riya sees the plush side of Delhi and it’s people. From here Serena and her story takes over, which helps Riya to realise her aim in life.

The narration is not done by an omnicient author. One gets to know various viewpoints. The character who isn’t alive to tell his tale, the author brings in the journal that he maintained.

Though there’s nothing new that this author is telling us. But you have to give it to her that her last venture of book-writing was a commercial success.

Let’s see if this book also makes ripples in the elite circuit!

Title: The Great Indian Love Story Author: Ira Trivedi Publisher: Penguin Price: 199


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