The Mystery of 2012

The year 2012 has become a money spinner of sorts. What started off as a prophecy made by the Mayan Civilisation about 1500 years back, has caught the imagination of every soothsayer worth his almanac. Why, a Hollywood doomsday film has already minted millions harping on the scare factor. The question is, is the scare real? Or are we just misinterpreting what the Mayans said so many years back.

What it features

The Mystery of 2012 features the writings of experts who have studied Mayan philosophy for many years. Each of them has delved into a different facet of the phenomenon. For instance, John Major has tried to unravel the Mayan calender and the perennial wisdom it embodies; Gregg Braden has examined the scientific evidence for a shift in the earth’s magnetic field and how it will affect all life; and Daniel Pinchbeck has investigated into the shift of consciousness that will be necessary for humanity to survive 2012.

All the 14 contributors refer to the event as a new shift in the earth’s cosmology. Braden refers to it as the end of the Mayan Great Cycle that marks a rare alignment of our planet, our solar system, and the centre of our galaxy – one that will not occur for another 26,000 years. They mention the Mayan code as the master code, the galactic code and the master program. The book also mentions some real changes that have taken place in the earth for the past many years. For eg., it mentions on March 10, 2006, a cycle of solar storms ended and a new cycle began. It is predicted to peak in 2012, with an intensity 30-50 per cent greater than the previous cycles. That, scientists agree that earth’s magnetic fields are weakening quickly, and some suspect that we in the early stages of a polar reversal.

The concepts and theories brought about in the book definitely gives a complete dekho into the 2012 phenomenon for a layperson. The book in fact serves a social purpose of sorts by placing the galactic event in the right perspective.

What happens in 2012 is for us to see. The prediction is open to debate. Are we heading towards a time of unprecedented catastrophe, 1000 years of peace, or both? No one knows for sure. But this book brings to light many aspects of this phenomenon and stresses that December 21 solstice of 2012 appears to be a great cosmic window of opportunity.

A must-read!

Written by By R Sridhar.

 Title: The Mystery of 2012
Publisher: Indus Source Books
Pages: 281
Genre: Anthology/Spirituality
Price: Rs 299
Rating: *****

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