Friday Finds: ‘To Be Led from Behind’

Mohammad Ibrahim Nawaya’s “To Be Led from Behind,” in Robin Moger’s translation, appears in Issue 17 of The Common, and also on their website:

Issue 17 has a focus on Syria, and includes short fiction by Luqman Derki, Shahla Al-Ujayli, Mohammad Ibrahim Nawaya, Raw’a Sunbul, Haidar Haidar, Odai Al Zoubi, Colette Banha, and Ibrahim Samuel. Nawaya is based in Khartoum, and he’s two published collections: To Walk on Your Hands and As a Homeland.

“To Be Led from Behind” opens with a section titled “Seige”: 

I sprinted towards them as they battered away. Tried, but could not open the bolted door. I shouted out, called at the top of my voice for those around me to help, but to no avail. And when at last I despaired, and turned my back to come away, my head knocked against the wall of a water tank, greater still, shut fast against me. 

You can read the whole of the story at The Common. 

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