The Historical Libraries Remi Gosal Cherished

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Remi Gosal was a lover of culture. He was fascinated with foreign languages such as French, German, Spanish, and Latin. By reading Shakespeare at a young age, Remi Gosal remained interested in the arts and literature.

The Most Historical Libraries In Canada

As a lover of words, Remi Gosal could speak several different languages and immersed himself in the multiculturalism of Vancouver, British Columbia. Reading books about human rights, in addition to classic literature, helped him form his true character. This post wil highlight some historical establishments that Remi Gosal would have enjoyed and those that have had a profound impact on Canadian history.

Osler Library of the History of Medicine

McGill University in Montreal has one of the largest collections of rare medical texts. Started in 1929, Sir William Osler donated several collections of medical books. The library first held 8000 titles and has now grown to approximately 100,000 publications. Periodicals and current books can also be found in the Osler Library.

The Westmount Public Library

Located in Quebec, Westmount public library was first started in 1899. It originally housed 1,992 books but now has hundreds more. The collection is now estimated at over 170,000 books. Westmount public library was the first public library in Quebec and is located inside a red-brick Victorian building. It now has a doll-house quality to it in addition to the children’s library.

The Jewish Public Library

The Jewish Public Library Archives can be found inside the Jewish Public Library of Montreal. Collections from families and institutions depict the life of the community for over 250 years. Yiddish literature and poetry collections are available, as well as Canadian art and textual records. Thirty thousand photographs from the late 19th century until current history can be viewed in the Jewish Public Library of Montreal.

The Grande Bibliotheque

Montreal’s cultural scene includes the Grande Bibliotheque located on Berri Street. In 1997 this library was built to provide widespread availability to literature and information. Rare documents can be accessed in the library while widespread books continue to circulate throughout the city. The mission of the Bibliotheque et Archives is to preserve published heritage materials.

Redpath Hall

Redpath Hall was opened in 1893. Today it is operated by the Schulich School of Music and has a French Classical pipe organ. The library collections were expanded by Redpath’s wife in the early 1900s and then again by Percy Erskine Nobbs in 1921. The expansion is now understood as the Redpath Library Building. It has since merged with the Humanities and Social Sciences library.

The Saint Sulpice Library

The Saint Sulpice Library is another one of the oldest libraries in Quebec. Established in 1914, this library is a designated historic monument. Eugene Payette designed the building and introduced one of the most exquisite examples of Beaux-Arts architecture. The Saint Sulpice Library is the first French-language library in Canada. The library is now a place where adolescents can use new technology in addition to reading historical literature.

McLennan Library Building

The McLennan Library Building is associated with McGill University in Montreal. The building is the largest branch of the University. This 1967 building is seven storeys tall and reinforced with a concrete structure. The rare book collection is located on the fourth floor and includes work from the 1850s. This diverse section is used to help researchers understand specific disciplines of Canadian literature.

Atwater Library

The Atwater Library of the Mechanics’ Institute of Montreal operates the oldest subscription service in Canada. It is privately operated without help from the government and functions as a registered charity. Founded in 1828, this library is the first Mechanics’ Institute in Canada. The current collection offers thousands of media forms in English as well as historical archives. Today the library hosts readings, community gatherings, fundraising events, and lectures.

The Fraser-Hickson Library

The Fraser-Hickson library was established in 1885. It hosts two programs: the Early Literacy Component and a mini-libraries program. Through these programs, members can access a large collection of literacy tools. Staff includes educators and trained volunteers. Since 1870, the institution has aimed to spread knowledge by free access to books.

Preserving Culture

Libraries help preserve the history of culture. By supporting educational engagement in the community, literary institutions can make a lasting impact on community members through programs and knowledge on local history. Remi Gosal was inspired by language and found importance in the history of literature.

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