John Kuipers Wins Gouden Strop

John Kuipers

This article was last updated on May 26, 2023

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John Kuipers’ Book “Mussert’s Shadow” Is the Best Dutch-Language Exciting Book of the Year

John Kuipers has won the Gouden Strop, the prize for the best Dutch-language exciting book of the year, with his book Mussert’s Shadow. He received the prize at the presentation of the Dutch Thriller Prizes in the Neude Library in Utrecht. The Golden Strop, which has been awarded to the best suspense novel of the year since 1986, has an amount of 10,000 euros.

The Book That Stands Out

Kuipers, debuting thriller author, has written a book that is exciting and also puts readers in a unique location and time period — The Hague in the summer of 1940. The story revolves around the Hague police during the Second World War. An NSB leader Mussert is revealed as part of the investigation for a murder case. “The jury finds the combination of originality, tension, narrative voice, and layering irresistible,” as quoted by one of the jury members.

The Prestigious Award Ceremony

Kuipers received the prize from Marion Pauw, last year’s winner. The jury nominated five books from 41 entries. Not only Kuipers but also Gerrit Barendrecht won the most important reader jury prize for exciting books. His book, The Ripper Connection, was chosen by the readers’ jury as the winner of the Hebban Thriller Prize.

The Exciting Book of the Year

According to the jury, “Barendrecht mixes fact and fiction to create its own story”. A jury of booksellers, librarians, and reviewers then determined the winner. “The Ripper connection breathes atmosphere and describes life in Amsterdam at the end of the nineteenth century in accessible prose,” says the readers’ jury.

Thriller Weeks

The Goeken Prize, the prize for the best Dutch-language short exciting story, was also awarded on the Evening of the Exciting Book in the Neude Library in Utrecht. At the same time, the Thriller Weeks, which is the successor to the Thriller Ten Days, has kicked off and will last until June 18.

New Insight into Criminal Brain

Gerrit Barendrecht’s The Ripper Connection provides interesting insights into the criminal brain in a way that gives one of the most notorious serial killers of all time a new face. The readers’ jury described the book as accessible and interesting, mixing fact and fiction, to create an atmospheric and exciting read.

Key Focus: Exciting Books

The Dutch Thriller Awards celebrate the best exciting books in Dutch literature, showcasing the most intriguing stories in various themes and genres. This year’s winners, John Kuipers and Gerrit Barendrecht, have both delivered exceptional books that offer a fresh take on the crime and thriller genre.

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