Heartbreaks & Dreams! – The Girls at IIT

This article was last updated on May 19, 2022

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After having read so many IIT & MBA based books I had decided to stay away from them when one fine day a mail landed in my mail box urging me to check this book out. I visited the author’s blog and there was something about the book (besides the price) that urged me to buy it.

H & B is, as author says a girl’s point of view of life in IIT. A batch mate of Chetan Bhagat, Parul felt that even she can tell her side of story and that’s how H&B came into existence.

It is the story of Tanu. Brought up in a middle class home she has an urge to prove that she is better than her siblings and decides to crack IIT. She successfully clears the entrance test and joins IIT Delhi. From thereon it is her journey from being a topper to being one of the IITians, of falling in love, escaping from it i.e. in few words the story of any girl or boy in college.

The book as such has nothing new to offer but what sets it apart & makes it is a good reading experience is its treatment. The characters have an innocence and they sound very normal unlike other IIT/ IIM based books where I have always found a huge amount of glamorization.

Tanu falls in love with the 1st guy who decides to take a seat next to her, her lab partner falls in love with her and then there is a senior who falls for her during ragging time. Somehow I could relate to all these incidents and found them sweet. But what makes this book work is the treatment and the element of truth and the fact that it is relatable. I loved the simple fact that despite all kinds of diversions, incidents etc the protagonist doesn’t loose her focus that is of studies which in turn makes the book very real & relatable.

With no unnecessary dramatization the book is true to itself and is totally worth a read.

I would without second thoughts give it 3/5 🙂

Author: Parul A. Mittal
Publisher: Shrishti Publishers
Price: 100/- INR

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