Belated Xmas Gift: New Arabic Fiction, Poetry Online in December

Creative works published online, in translation, in December 2014:


Washing Sayyab’s statue in Basra. Image from via Jadaliyya.

“An Attempt to Reach Beirut from Beirut,” by Wadih Saadeh, trans. Suneela Mubayi (Jadaliyya)“Questioning Ibn Arabi,” by Amjad Nasser, trans. Sinan Antoon (Jadaliyya) Badr Shakir al-Sayyab Special Section on Jadaliyya:

Terri DeYoung translates letters from Sayyab to Suhayl Idris, Yusuf al-Khal and Adunis, and one of Sayyab’s last major poems, “The Balcony of the Nobleman’s Daughter.”

Levi Thompson translates “The Poem and the Phoenix.”

Sinan Antoon translates “The River and Death” and “The Book of Job” (1).

And finally, two translations of Sayyab’s last poem, “Crutch in Hell.”

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