Tahmena Bokhari

Tahmena Bokhari is a professional social worker and an educator, she is the finals for Miss Kohinoor Pageant taking place on August 8th. Part of this initiative is that she is raising funds for Sick Kids hospital. Oye! Times would like people to support her by doing any or all of the following three things:

a) Vote for her online as soon as possible
b) Help with a small ($20-30) donation by July 31
c) Buy tickets to the show on August 8th

Please check out http://www.mahiram.com/profile_miss.php or by
visiting www.misskohinoorintl.com

Tahmena Bokhari is a consultant, educator, professor, registered social worker, facilitator, global citizen, spokesperson and writer on community issues, and a leader within the women’s and South Asian communities in the Greater Toronto Area. She has worked with governments, community organizations, and academic institutions. Her work includes consultations on policy/ program development in the areas of settlement, violence against women, gender analysis, diversity and inclusivity, international/ community development, and organizational development. She states, “My work so far has been entrenched in ‘the local’ yet much influenced by ‘the global’. It is my belief that individuals do not function in isolation but are reflections of the social structures in which they live. If we create better “social structures than we can influence and create better persons.”


More info on Tahmena Bokhari can be found at  http://tahmenabokhari.blogspot.com/

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