Acharya Sri Khadi Madama

This article was last updated on May 19, 2022

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Yoga practice offers such simplicity to our daily lives, but while we are at work, what can we do to reduce the effects of the work environment without standing on our heads at the water cooler? Stepping outside away from noise for 2 minutes will reduce stress levels and allow the protective inner ear muscles to reset, reducing hearing loss. Every office machine gives off a low hum that adds to stress. While outside, breathe in the fresh air, focus on anything beautiful such as a tree, flowers, white clouds and remind yourself to be inwardly calm in spite of outward chaos, using calm affirming words.

A short, yet effective meditation for when time permits is to keep a small photo album in your desk filled with pictures of calm lakes, gardens, loved ones, religious icons, waterfalls etc. Simply flip onto a picture that speaks to you and allow yourself to be drawn in to the setting until you almost feel that you are in the picture. It is said that Yogi’s control their environment. This is one way that you can too!
Acharya Sri Khadi Madama hosted the TV Show, Yours Truly, Yoga, which aired on cable in New York and New Jersey between 1996-2000. Khadi has appeared on TV news, radio, Internet TV and radio as well as numerous guest appearances for good causes.She is a pioneer in the field of applied Therapeutic Yoga and in January of 2009 was awarded the Hind Ratna Award (Jewel of India) in New Delhi, India. Her magazine article “Air borne Asanas” appeared in TransWorld Airline’s Ambassador Magazine in the summer of 1974 which launched the concept of seated Therapeutic Yoga. Since then, Khadi has used her knowledge to create stress management and wellness programs for hospital and health care providers, including a department of the US Navy.

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