Developing a Poverty Reduction Strategy for People with Disabilities

We invite you to join the ODSP Action Coalition for an interactive two-day forum. Let’s share and learn from each other!

April 2 and 3, 2009
Central YMCA
20 Grosvenor St., Toronto

This forum will explore the kinds of changes needed to significantly reduce the poverty of people with disabilities in Ontario.
While the Ontario government has presented a poverty reduction strategy with a commitment to reduce child poverty by 25% in 5 years, it needs more action for people with disabilities. 
This forum will explore:
·        What opportunities can we find in the poverty reduction strategy, such as the review of social assistance programs, to make real gains for people on ODSP?
·        What would be the key features of a truly effective and accessible disability support program that treats people with dignity? 
·        How can we work together in the next year, in the Coalition and with others, to accomplish our goals? 
·        What skills can we share and learn to more effectively advocate for ourselves and others?
This conference is intended for Coalition members and others who wish to contribute to developing policy ideas and actions to improve the lives of low income people with disabilities. The ODSP Action Coalition includes both people on ODSP and those who work in disability organizations, health services, community agencies, legal clinics, policy organizations, etc., in all of our work and in our leadership.

Funding is available for travel, accommodation and accessibility costs to allow ODSP recipients from all regions of the province to attend (see registration form attached). 
Our registration deadline is March 2, 2009, to allow time to arrange travel, accommodation, and accessibility services. 

Email: [email protected]
Fax: (416 539 0693
Mail: Houselink, 805 Bloor St West, Toronto Ont., M6G 1L8

If you have questions about travel subsidies or hotel booking, please call Naomi at: (416) 539-0690, ext 258

If you have questions about accessibility issues, please contact Laurie Letheren at ARCH Disability Law Centre:
Tel: 416-482-8255 or 1-866-482-2724 ext. 232
TTY: 416-482-1254 or 1-866-482-2728
Fax: 416-482-2981 or 1-866-881-2723
E-mail: [email protected]


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