Midweek presents 3rd Annual South Asian Awards Night

Midweek presents 3rd Annual South Asian Awards Night, an exclusive event honouring the Achievements and Accomplishments of South Asian Canadians in 2010. The event will be held on Sunday, December 12th at Grand Victorian Convention Center, Radisson Plaza Mississauga. The event acknowledges the South Asians that have illustrated excellence in their respective field. The winners of the awards symbolize the talent of today’s South Asian Canadian and are the inspiration for the achievers of tomorrow.

Midweek South Asian Awards Night is an Annual event where South Asian Community’s most influential persons, Business Houses, Members of South Asian and Mainstream media and prominent Politicians get together to celebrate the achievements of South Asians. Last year’s event was a grand success, and plans are underway to make this year’s Midweek South Asian Awards Night even better. Never before has an event of this scale organized with the most influential South Asian Canadians in attendance.

For the first time in history an award for South Asian person of the year will be presented. Other awards include Sher-E-Punjab, South Asian Professional of the Year, Businessman of the year, Business Woman of the year, Philanthropist of the year, Excellence in field of Science, field of Community Service, Small Business of the year, Youth of the year, Media person of the year and Sports person of the year.

The entertainment will include Bollywood dances by DK Bollywood Dance Pak and Fashion show by Silver Tulip and Minaaz, and tunes by DJ Jiten. Additionally it will be a great opportunity to network with most influential South Asians in Canada. There will also be a Special Feature on India and welcome of Canada-India Year 2011.


  1. Great to have South Asian awards. Was any one from South India given an award? What about Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and so on? Were there Gujratis? It is interesting how in one way we celebrate the diversity of South Asia and even India, but yet not all are equally represented when we use the label of “South Asia”. I would rather you call it what it is. If you want to give Indians awards, or only some Indians, that call it that and don’t pretend everyone is a part of it.

  2. I agree with the comment_content done before. This type of awards usually represent North India and Punjabi community. There is no representation from Gujarati, and other south asian communities. Toronto is the home of 100000 gujarati community. And they are the best entrepreneur in India. It is proved fact but when this kind of award we watch it looks like only one community doing everything and other communities are here to clapping.

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