Spencer Pratt Made Us The Best Gift Guide

Listen. I know you’re thinking: ANOTHER gift guide?! But relax, this isn’t a normal gift guide; it’s a cool celebrity gift guide. We considered contacting Reese Witherspoon, but we were afraid she would only suggest wreath-print dresses. We thought, Maybe Jennifer Aniston? but wanted more than just ’90s nostalgia. And then, a star-shaped light bulb went off in our heads: Spencer Pratt!

With his flesh-colored beard, penchant for bringing joy to thousands (with his snaps), and love of Christmas -tree shopping, it only makes sense to have Pratt collaborate with Refinery29 to create the absolute, hands-down best gift guide, ever. No longer on the naughty list as a reality-star villain, he picked plenty of nice gifts that will help you check off all the names on your holiday presents.

There’s a gift for the frenemy you picked for Secret Santa, the Taylor Swift in your life, and your mom, who loves sentimental shit. I know you’re curious to see what he came up with…

Snapchat Spectacles

“What is funnier than a dad who is on Snapchat using Spectacles? Everyone wins with that gift.”

Illustrated By: Mallory Heyer.

A Coupon For A Year Of Doing The Dishes

“So what would I get Heidi? A six-pack of red wine. Oh wait…Heidi just said, ‘A stocking full of my favorite little things!’ or, ‘A coupon for one year of you doing the dishes!’ [Laughs]”

Illustrated By: Mallory Heyer.

Matching Onesies

“This is super challenging…who even has that [long-distance best friend]? But get them matching onesies, so on FaceTime you can both put on your onesies and match.”

Illustrated By: Mallory Heyer.

A Stick-Figure Drawing

“Drawing a stick figure is obviously the low-budget version. You can also hire an artist to draw something for her and pretend you drew it.

“Heidi is very sentimental and she just said to me, ‘I love when someone draws me a card, but make sure you include a nice message.’ So write some words on it, too.”

Illustrated By: Mallory Heyer.

Instagram Followers

“Buy them followers, like from one of the sites that give you real ones and not robot followers. But don’t get them too many, just enough. Like a 2,000-pack.”

Illustrated By: Mallory Heyer.

Surprise Overnight Trip

“Buy a vacation for two, but not like a week-long trip, just an overnight. The whole spin is, ‘I got this hook up for two,’ or, like, ‘I won this on a radio call.’ The key is that it is a two-for-one deal and you have to play it off like you won it. Or say you got it during a charity raffle.”

Illustrated By: Mallory Heyer.

Chemex Coffee Maker

“Chemex coffee maker, so you can be all hipster trendy together.”

Illustrated By: Mallory Heyer.

Crystal Obelisk

“A crystal obelisk is a pyramid-looking crystal that are in all the movies. The fancy-rich bosses always have one of those on their desk. Get whatever you can afford; a smaller one would be a cool paperweight. They also have crystal or marble.”

Illustrated By: Mallory Heyer.

Spencer Pratt’s Crystal Kit

“Because who can hate a crystal kit? And if you do know that one person that could, then this is perfect, because crystals love haters. And it obviously should be my crystal kit.”

Illustrated By: Mallory Heyer.


“Get them a bottle of tequila, but like Costco-sized, so that it really benefits you and your friends and your guests. Just make sure it’s the big big tequila. It’s like 100 bucks, but then you have tequila for 100 bucks. Or vodka, says Heidi. So huge vodka or huge tequila.”

Illustrated By: Mallory Heyer.

Amazon’s Alexa

“I don’t personally have one, but I see the commercials where you talk to it and the grandparents would have fun talking to it and getting lost [in the technology].”

Illustrated By: Mallory Heyer.

Kombucha Home Brew Kit

“I actually emailed my one of my favorite professors [from University of Southern California], Coach — shoutout, Coach! — and I asked him that exact question, because this is dangerous territory, ’cause grades are on the line. And he said, literally: ‘kombucha home brew kit,’ and he is a smart professor and hip guy.”

Illustrated By: Mallory Heyer.

Escape Room Experience

“The new hype is the escape room experience, so you just trap yourselves in a room with them. You just tell them it’s really cool and the new hottest thing. Then, you’re trapped with them for, like, four hours.”

Illustrated By: Mallory Heyer.

Samsung Virtual-Reality Headset

“Well, my cousin is an Instagram curator, so this is one different for me, but everyone is all about those virtual headsets.”

Illustrated By: Mallory Heyer.

12-Pack Of Bic Lighters

“That one is a banger. If you want to be really funny, I swear there is one for like 50 lighters, because everybody always complains about people stealing their lighters…according to movies.”

Illustrated By: Mallory Heyer.

A Photo Of Herself

“This is Heidi’s genius idea: give her a photo of herself. She would actually be like, ‘You are so sweet — I love this photo of myself!’ I recommend just screengrabbing her favorite Instagram pic of herself.”

Illustrated By: Mallory Heyer.

Your Rent Check & An Electric Wine Opener

“Your rent check. Also an electric wine opener, but a good one.”

Illustrated By: Mallory Heyer.

New Doggy Bed

“There’s nothing better than a cozy doggy bed; they get over toys, but dog beds…they always love dog beds.”

Illustrated By: Mallory Heyer.

Burner Phone, Your Autograph, Or Nothing

“Get them one of those throwaway phones for all the shady situations that industry people always find themselves in and don’t want any evidence of it. It’s some Ray Donovan -level stuff. Heidi says that she would get them your autograph. Truthfully, the agent is supposed to buy you stuff, but I’m sure these famous people give theirs a nice gift.”

Illustrated By: Mallory Heyer.

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