Best Buy Desperately Needs Your Cash by using refund policy

Best Buy holds online refunds for 2 weeks

Best Buy holds online refunds for 2 weeks

By Stephen Pate – Best Buy keeps your money for up to 10 business days if you cancel an online order, even if they don’t have the goods to ship. That means 2 weeks in real time to get a VISA refund.

If you go to the store and get a refund it will appear on your credit card statement in 1-2 days.

If you order online, the refund can take half a month. Does that make any sense unless they are having financial difficulties?

It may also be a legacy bad customer service policy from Future Shop, which merged with Best Buy. Future Shop was notorious for making returns difficult and refunds a full-scale battle. There were often verbal battles at the Future Shop Customer Service counter. Staff was under strict instructions to resist refunds at all cost.

I thought Best Buy had a bad computer system when they accepted orders then cancelled them 4 days later. Best Buy Desperately Needs A Better Computer

Best Buy cancelled the order 4 days after acceptance with the excuse they sold out. The cancellation inexplicably took 2 more days to process. That seemed weird but even stranger was the email telling it would take 6-10 business days to see the refund on my credit card. All told that’s 2 full weeks to issue a credit.

Did I say they have a really bad computer system? It’s hard to believe they are not trying to manage their cash flow problems with our money.

Apparently Best Buy have been stalling refunds for a decade. In a post on Red Flag Deals, a refund took 2 months Best Buy Refund for Non-Delivery Item Taking Forever. And Best Buy wasn’t apologetic about it.

Patience is the only virtue that works with Best Buy. I’ll think twice about giving them my credit card again.

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