Keeping Up With The Kardashians Episode 12 Recap: “Decisions, Decisions”

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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keeping up with the kardashians episode 12 recap: “decisions, decisions”

It’s New York Fashion Week during this week’s episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Kim and Kourtney are pulling looks for the trip, but Kourtney has not fully committed to going. Kim is frustrated with her sister’s indecisiveness. “I’m not going to know until the last minute,” Kourtney says. Kim holds her a spot on the jet and even boots some of her glam squad to fly, gasp, commercial. “If you can’t decide, then just don’t come,” Kim says. Kourtney is torn, but she wants to be there for Kanye. “So, I think I’m going to come,” she says, seemingly making an actual decision.

Meanwhile, Rob has made the decision to go all-in with his self-improvement plan, including new full-time, special guest star, life coach Jamel. He and Jamel hit the gym, where Rob tells his trainer that he is on the market. He and Chyna are no longer together, but it is important, Rob says, for them to be friends. It is also important for him to work on himself. He’s hitting it hard in the gym. Jamel tells the trainer that they’re looking for the Dancing With The Stars version of Rob Kardashian. It’s in there. They just need to find him, Jamel says.

Kim and Stephanie are on the tarmac waiting for Kourtney to jet off to New York. Kourtney is a no-show. Kim calls and Kourtney says that she’s not coming on the trip anymore. She changed her mind that morning. “I felt like God was telling me not to come,” Kourtney says to Kim. Kim is understandably annoyed. “Are you still paying for half of this plane or are you sticking me with the bill?” Kim asks.

Kim lands in New York without Kourtney and she and Simon meet for high tea. Rob is the topic of the day over caviar and tea sandwiches. Rob called Kim the night before and told her that he and Chyna no longer talk. Kim is concerned but not about them getting back together. Kim chalks their romance up as a life lesson but acknowledges that they need to have a relationship for the good of their family and Dream.

Back in LA, Rob gets some positive reinforcement from Jamel, since, well, that’s Jamel’s job. Rob wants to work on his relationship with Chyna for Dream’s sake. “I love her as a friend,” Rob says about Chyna. This is, apparently, what Jamel wants to hear. He gives Rob props for his positive attitude and for being good to himself. Jamel says that if Rob gets to a place where he is comfortable with himself, then he can be comfortable with other people. Jamel is like a human affirmation-a-day calendar riding in the passenger seat of Rob’s car.

It isn’t just Kim who is annoyed by Kourtney’s indecision. Khloé and Kris decide to screw with Kourtney and give her a taste of her own medicine. All three of them are meeting for lunch, and Kris and Khloé are already at the restaurant. Khloé calls Kourtney to tell her they have changed their minds about where to eat. She calls several times eventually telling Kourtney just to pull over and wait. Khloé finally tells Kourtney to just come to the original restaurant. Khloé finds the whole exercise entertaining. Kourtney? Not so much. “You guys had me on a wild goose chase,” she says. “I think it’s going to teach you a lesson,” Khloé says. Again, Kourtney is not convinced. “I know I’m indecisive. It’s debilitating,” Kourtney admits.

In New York, Kylie’s pop-up shop for NYFW is in full swing. The street in front of the store is closed because of the massive crowd. Kylie is excited about her second pop-up. She says she never imagined that Kylie Cosmetics would grow into what it is, but she still wants to make sure she is on top of everything. “It’s really important for me to be hands-on. I’m always working to elevate my line,” she says. Later, Kim makes an appearance and asks Kylie if she can pull an Oprah and give out free lip kits to people waiting in line. “You get a lip kit! You get a lip kit!” Kim says, spreading love and lipstick.

On the never-ending Ferris wheel of Rob and Chyna, the wheel stops at a photo shoot with Chyna. Rob and Jamel pop in to say hello and to, in Jamel’s words, show some support. “I have no idea how to be around her,” Rob says. Chyna clearly couldn’t care less about Rob and Jamel being there, but Jamel sees it differently, because, of course he does. He tells Chyna that he and Rob wanted to come to show some love. “We totally weren’t in the neighborhood,” Jamel says, making a point but also making everyone even more uncomfortable. Rob tells Jamel in the car after that he could tell that Chyna didn’t want them there. Jamel insists it was a positive interaction, but does admit “it was a bit awkward.”

Khloé’s doing her level best to sell Kourtney’s indecision storyline, but it just comes off as lame and over produced. After the lunch stunt, Khloé next plans a series of decision-making games for Kourtney to play with Khloé and Malika. It’s just a lot of swearing, a bullhorn, and wasted screentime. “This is such a joke,” Kourtney says. “None of this is helpful. I’m getting a headache.” Yes, Kourtney, we all feel the same.

The Yeezy fashion show in New York is a bona fide scene, complete with Anna Wintour sitting courtside for the Kanye cube. Even so, the footage for the show we are watching manages to be a little lackluster. Kim tries to sell the excitement, but it doesn’t transfer to the viewers at home.

Rob’s “I just want to be friends” script is on major repeat. This time Rob tells his mom that he and Chyna communicate poorly. (Any viewer of Rob & Chyna can testify to that one.) Rob tells Kris that he wants a relationship like the one she had with his father after they broke up. Kris is encouraged, but she needs Rob to know that getting to that point takes a lot of work and comes with a lot of frustration. “After everybody settled down, it was a conscious decision to be inclusive,” she explains.

Khloé’s next decision-making exercise for Kourtney is a trip to a firefighter training facility. Kourtney needs to make quick choices to save Kris from a burning building. This goes nowhere, except maybe Khloé, Kourtney, and Kris now have a greater respect for their local firefighters.

Speaking of going nowhere, Chyna and Rob meet at the pediatrician’s office for Dream’s check-up. They might not be a couple any longer, but they seem to handle the co-parenting in the doctor’s office competently. Rob repeats his mantra. He’s committed to being friends with Chyna. It’s all about Dream. It’s a fine life goal. It’s just not exciting reality TV.

In another unsatisfying ending to an unsatisfying storyline, Kourtney manages to deal with her indecisiveness with the help of the Tony Robbins documentary on Netflix. She watched it. She figured out some stuff. Problem solved. “Tony Robbins taught me to make decisions from my heart instead of my head,” she explains to Kim and Khloé. “Thank you, Tony,” Khloé says closing the book on that chapter of manufactured drama and on this episode.

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keeping up with the kardashians episode 12 recap: “decisions, decisions”


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