School Life is the Best Life Ever

Do you go to office? Have you started the boring white collar 5 to 9 job? Are you a father? If you have a positive answer to any of these questions then you simply would be familiar with the feeling.

The feeling; how you get nostalgic every time you see a childhood friend from your school, the moment you hug your friend, greet him, the feeling within you that puts a smile on your face.

The feeling that is a mix of happiness and sadness; it remind you of those huge rooms, with a lot of desks and chairs, those wide windows, those blackboards, chalks when you didn’t know what life actually is? All you were bothered about was how fancy your pencil box is, what cartoon is on your bag, what your mom gave for the lunch? Those were the days, the best daysschool days were the best. During school days everyone who played with you was a friend and anyone who didn’t want to play was not a friend. The biggest fights were about who had the best bag. Early to bed and early to rise, no matter what exam it was; you had enough sleep the night before and gave the exam with a calm nerve. The harshness of life wasn’t known to anyone; the pampering by the mother and the security from the father defined the domains of the life. You felt that home was heaven and play ground was a wonderland.

Who can forget the excitement of getting new books, new uniform and new shoes? Now if you see a school friend all you have are those amazingly innocent and happy tales to share with each other. School days are no doubt the best days, the way every child cherishes the innocence and forces the parents to let them take a day off from school, not knowing that when school will be off; life will take a step ahead and become harsh.

School days are the days when every human being runs away from work; tries to find a short cut, but those who still try to stay committed proceed towards success. School days are the best days of anyone’s life. Think about those children who don’t get the opportunity to go to school, this of those who have to work instead of going to school, think of those who have to earn money for their lunch in comparison of getting a lunch box for the lunch break. If you consider all this, you would be thankful to God that he has given you an opportunity to go to school and enjoy that stage of your life to it’s peak.

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