Obsessively Grateful

The more thankful I became, the more my bounty increased. That’s because – for sure – what you focus on expands. When you focus on the goodness in life, you create more of it.  – Oprah Winfrey

Whenever you feel miserable, feel less motivated, discouraged, unfortunate and hopeless, you need to evaluate whether you have been showing gratitude to the things you own. Once you realize the power of gratitude, that is the time you can give a new start to your life. Your self-esteem heightens and you begin to feel more confident. In other words, the ultimate result of your gratitude will be happiness. A person would get enormous benefits under emotional, social, professional, health and personality areas of his life.    

When you are appreciated, you feel more positive energy in yourself and become more productive, this is how the world keeps going. While you are whining about your life, someone wishes to have a life like you. Sometimes, just a rough day makes you forget about a million things you have to be grateful for. Let’s don’t make our bad days worse by thinking about what could go wrong instead of coping with it and be grateful for things you have. What we need to practice to keep ourselves motivated is to maintain a journal where we can keep reminding ourselves about the things we are grateful for, the more we show gratitude towards life the more we get from life. It is a very effective practice, everyone should apply. Here I am, sharing some of the million things we all should be grateful for:

Health: Be grateful for having a healthy body and mind, all the sense and organs working properly.

·   Family: Be thankful to have a supportive family for believing in you, giving you confidence and endless love.

·       Friends: Appreciate your companions in life who are always there to help you out and cheer you up.

·       Food: In a world where people die from hunger you can’t be thankful enough for food to satisfy your appetite and enjoy the different flavors everyday.

·      Home: While we see a lot of people sleep in streets of the same city, we should be grateful to have a shelter.

Independence: Be obliged for being able to take decisions for yourself.

Job: Be thankful for the job, which makes you financially independent.

       Education: We are surrounded by lots of people who are not privileged enough to get educated, so it  is very important to be grateful for getting educated.

·    Teachers: Show gratitude to your teachers for their dedication and for passing down knowledge to you.

·     Disappointment: sometimes it’s okay to embrace disappointment so you would know the things that matter to you most.

·      Pain:  Be thankful for the pain which helps you to grow as a stronger person.

·      Nature: Be grateful to the nature for covering the world with beauty.

·     Kind Strangers: Appreciate kind strangers for brightening up your days when you least expect it.

·   Technology: We should be glad that we have access to use modern technology, which has made our lives easier, along with helping us to stay connected to people all around the world.

Being able to help people: Because we rise by lifting others.

Last but not the least, do you remember the days when you had prayed for the things you have now? If you watch it closely, you will realize that you actually got those things at the same time when you started appreciating things you already had in your life. So stay grateful and keep appreciating the things and people around you

This post was submitted by Hareem Hashmi

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