Your 2019 Mantra, According To Your Sign

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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your 2019 mantra, according to your sign

2019 has finally arrived, and this year, we’re taking a proactive, “new year, all you” approach to our lives. Rather than waiting for things to just happen to us, we’re going after what we want — at work, in our relationships, and within ourselves.

Inspired by Paramount’s What Men Want, a movie all about taking control of your life and breaking down barriers, we’re giving you that extra push you need to approach all of 2019’s challenges and successes with the same boss attitude, by giving you a mantra to live by, according to your sign.

Let this mantra serve as your guiding light this year — whether it’s something you repeat every morning, write on your mirror, or keep stored in your phone’s Notes app for those times you need it most. It’ll be your first line of defense when tackling that 2 a.m. “u up” text from your ex or your boss’ bad attitude about that project you slaved over. This year, you’re becoming the person who’s big enough, brave enough, and loving enough to wield the power positive change requires. Now go ahead and get what you want.

your 2019 mantra, according to your sign


Mantra: “My heart will always lead me true.”

Last year’s challenges continue into 2019, with an emphasis on your career. That means more opportunities to make an impact on the world. The flip side? It can also bring along some serious stress. In an effort to get ahead, you may find yourself butting heads with your boss or your parents.

What they don’t know, Aries, is you are unstoppable. Instead of wasting your fire arguing, step around those that bring negativity and get on with what you love. You’ll need every bit of focus to manifest your dream job, launch your business, or stick with that big, ambitious project. Keep your cheap flight alerts on too, because travel opportunities are in the air. Hong Kong or Iceland, anyone?

Illustrated by Ariel Davis.

your 2019 mantra, according to your sign


Mantra: “I am strong enough to endure change.”

Taurus, you are not the gross materialist Instagram memes make you out to be, but, let’s be real, everyone likes free money. With Jupiter in your 8th house of other people’s bank accounts, you just might find out about a long-lost rich uncle or sweeten your quality of life thanks to your partner’s big promotion.

But as you know, the only wealth you can really depend on comes from self-trust. That’s especially true in times of change. Uranus, the planet of surprises, continues moving through your sign this year, bringing a fresh blast of boldness. New, interesting acquaintances — and some unexpected fashion choices — are your gateways to a richer, more fulfilling daily life.

Illustrated by Ariel Davis.

your 2019 mantra, according to your sign


Mantra: “I am most alive when I am learning something new.”

Prophetic dreams and secret clubs: that’s what 2019 has in store, Gemini. With Uranus re-entering your 12th house of the subconscious, sleeping (literally) is the best way to answer your most pressing questions. And don’t be shocked if you get an invite to a speakeasy or feel the urge to keep quiet about a new friend. Your boredom is alleviated by exploring secret social worlds and micro-subcultures far off the beaten path of your daily life.

Chatting with someone cute at the bar might be a nice distraction, but it’s not enough to hold your interest right now, unless it goes deeper, fast. Good thing you know how to take the conversation somewhere interesting — whether that leads to a sexual relationship or a solid friendship, it’s all good. You’re hungry for discovery, and that’s going to come through true connection.


Mantra: “I am at home in the world.”

Relationships are hard, Cancer. While that may be true for everyone 100% of the time, it is extra true right now for you. You’re in a process of learning about love, and the core of this process is learning to love yourself.

Whether you’re coming up against your limits in a committed partnership or feeling let down by self-centered family members, frustration can make you want to blow. But unloading your feelings on others will only take away your self-respect. That’s why breaks are so important. Reconnect with your heart by making brunch dates with your besties and being open to the new, interesting friends who are destined to come your way.


Mantra: “I win when I follow my joy.”

Sparkly Leo, you were born for glory, fun, romance — not to be stuck doing other people’s dirty work. Change is lighting your 10th house of career, and the timing couldn’t be better. You like having a stable job, and this can make you a bit of a traditionalist at work. While that’s still true in the big picture, you’re ready for more independence. Take the risk of being a little weird and different — the payoff is so worth it.

On the romance front, you’re feeling brainy. Museums and public lectures make stimulating backdrops for intellectual connection, and a spontaneous road trip is the ultimate love potion. You just might discover brand-new forms of fun.


Mantra: “The world needs my skills.”

Humility is a lovely trait, Virgo. It shows you value others as much as you do yourself. But it can be a problem if it stops you from sharing your abilities. With inhibiting Saturn and Pluto moving through your 5th house of talents, you need to work through that self-consciousness.

Luckily, with education-minded Jupiter in your 4th house of emotions, you’re willing to crack the self-help books or sign up for therapy. Jupiter rewards even small efforts with tangible signs of growth. Healing is a skill like anything else, and with a little work, you may find some of those old self-protections fall away, leaving you readier than ever to share your gifts with the world.


Mantra: “Love is always the best choice.”

Your 2019 is all about relationships, Libra — the good, the bad, the parental. Independent Uranus moving through your 8th house of merging will help you break away from toxic friends and lovers, while making your sex life more experimental and exciting.

Unfortunately, family relationships will be more complicated. There’s real work to be done around your parents, plus any bad memories you’re carrying. What actions actually make you feel loving, as opposed to looking the part? Luckily, Jupiter moving through your 3rd house of communication gives you the clarity and warmth that let others hear you. A dreaded conflict may even bring about mutual understanding and lasting, positive change.


Mantra: “My capacity for transformation is my greatest strength.”

Grown-ups love to tell children that words can’t hurt them, but you know that’s a lie. Words can be weapons, and you have learned to protect yourself from all manners of shade. With judgy Saturn and harsh Pluto in your 3rd house of communication, your verbal self-protection is on high alert these days, keeping you from speaking freely and causing you to assume the worst. While your guardedness may be based in a real wound, it’s not helping you — at all. What are you really afraid of, Scorpio? Imagine that worst-case scenario, and then picture the person who can handle it. Guess what: That super-together person is your future self. The question is, are you brave enough to become them?


Mantra: “When I’m open to experience, life is an adventure.”

Your best, most open-hearted and generous self is on display this year, Sagittarius. And that’s no coincidence. Jupiter, your planetary ruler and all-around force for good, is passing over your sun, expanding your faith and optimism and inspiring you to embrace every awesome opportunity that comes your way. In the maybe-mix: a spur-of-the-moment trip to the pyramids of Mexico, stumbling into a stranger who tells you exactly what you needed to hear, or impulsively signing up for a life-altering astrology class.

Jupiter is often called “lucky,” but it’s the kind of luck that depends on full participation. So keep your eyes open, Sag, and be ready to jump in.


Mantra: “I succeed when I treat myself and others with kindness.”

I’ll give it to you straight, Cappy: 2019 is a doozy. With stern Saturn and brutal Pluto moving over your sun, you may be able to push down the feelings, but you’ll only be turning a mountain into an iceberg (and you know what happened to the Titanic). Saturn rewards hard work, and your sun represents your core goals. Be it stand-up comedy or managerial consulting, you may be very close to turning a long-held passion into a sustainable career. But all that depends on not running around on your own shame, fear, and loneliness. Luckily, self-care is easier than you think. Be nice to yourself, and take opportunities to show your steadfast love for friends and family. These connections are what make those wins count.


Mantra: “I am open to new ideas and new ways of thinking.”

Whether your social life revolves around your soccer team, group spa dates, or political rallies, 2019’s a party when you’re with your people. With expansive Jupiter in your 11th house of group activities, new friends will enter your fold or you may stumble onto a pocket of smart, interesting people who surprise you by sharing your love for sci-fi fan-fic or avant-garde fashion. These friendships will shake you loose from outgrown hopes and rigid thinking. Major changes are coming, Aquarius, especially on the home front. It’s time to throw open that narrow window of your future and let the fresh air blow in.


Mantra: “I am a channel that love and insight flows through.”

Daily life continues to be unpredictable in 2019, Pisces. With Uranus, the planet of surprises, in your 3rd house of communication, eavesdropping, email, and internet stalking bring shocking news. Whether it’s the news of an ex’s marriage or that your YouTube channel went viral overnight, the feeling will be a lot to process, bringing out your worries and escapist tendencies. Bring the peace back into your days by switching on your email’s vacation responder and going offline whenever you get the chance. Gentle, daily retreats put you in touch with the beauty of the unknown and the magic possibilities that infuse every breath.

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