A Home Self-Care Guide To Your Healthiest Winter Space

Our VIP winter priorities consist of the following: staying warm, cozy, and as healthy as humanly possible. But aside from aggressive layering, apartment hibernation, and a dedicated Vitamin D plus Zinc packet regimen, what else can a seasonal self-preserver do? The key to surviving and thriving for the next few months of chilly AF weather may start with our bodies, but it ends with a healthy home.

If you’ve dabbled in the practice of self-care, healthy homes can be achieved with a similar approach — only instead of embracing face masks or meditation, we’re stocking our hibernation stations with everything from humidifiers to all-natural cleaning supplies and the likes. Ahead we’ve crafted a shoppable guide to help round out your self-preservation tactics while holing up inside all season long. Whether it’s a filtered kitchen faucet, plantpurified bathroom air, or a moisture to essential oil-rich bedroom atmosphere, these 10 products will help nourish any winter space ailments so you can stay as warm, cozy, and healthy as possible.

Good: Humidifier
Healthy Home Cure: Dry Air
Engineered to add moisture to dry environments and soothe respiratory irritation, humidifiers are especially beneficial to homes and their hibernators during colder winter months — this cool-mist model is a top-reviewed product on Amazon  that’s touted as being sleek, ultra-quiet, and easy to clean and fill for long-lasting moist air.

Honeywell Designer Series Cool Mist Humidifier, $69.98, available at Amazon

Good: Air Purifier
Healthy Home Cure: Dusty Air
Designed to rid your home air of pollutants and allergens through various filtration systems and airflow modes, purifiers come in a range of sizes and decor-friendly designs — and Coway’s square model is set and ready to freshen up dusty winter hibernation zones in soothing style.

Coway Mighty Air Purifier, $199.99, available at Amazon

Good: Light Therapy Clock
Healthy Home Cure: Limited Sunlight
These dual-purpose goods, also called wake-up lights or dawn and sunrise simulators, provide a gradual-brightening experience (instead of or in conjunction with sound) that mimics sunlight for a more natural wake-up process.

Vansky Sunrise Alarm Clock, $29.99, available at Amazon

Good: Water Filtration System
Healthy Home Cure: Stale Tap Water (& Plastic Bottle Waste)
Instead of racking up bottled waste while hunkered inside this season, invest in a sink-attachment filtration system for fast and environmentally-friendly access to fresh water — PUR’s best-selling model removes over 70 contaminants, providing over 100 gallons of filtered water for up to three months of use (a.k.a. the rest of winter).

Pur Minerals Advanced Faucet Water Filter, $36.96, available at Amazon

Good: Natural Cleaning Supplies
Healthy Home Cure: Stuffy Space
The EPA encourages the use of concentrated cleaners with handling safeguards and reusable or recycled packaging for reducing waste and improving environmental impact, on larger global and smaller at-home scales. Kick start your own green-cleaning routine at home this winter with Resparkle’s organic commercial grade disinfectant kit. The non-toxic product line uses 100% plant-based ingredients tested to kill 99.99% bacteria and is certified organic.

Resparkle Commercial Grade Organic Disinfectant Starter Pack, $9.4, available at The Clean Collective

Good: Essential Oil Diffuser
Healthy Home Cure: Barren Atmosphere
An Amazon’s Choice buy with with 4.3 out of 5 stars and rave reviews — “This is the best diffuser ever!!” — this portable ultrasonic model boasts adjustable mist modes and color-changing LED lights for amping up life inside barren winter spaces.

URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser, $21.99, available at Amazon

Good: Plant
Healthy Home Cure: Stale Air
When opening windows during the winter isn’t feasible, plants are our fresh air-producing friends — stick this Philodendron Green inside any stale space in your home, from bathroom to kitchen, for a dose of atmospheric rejuvenation (minus the outside temperature chill).

The Sill Philodendron Green In Olmsted Planter, $42, available at The Sill

Good: Body Pillow
Healthy Home Cure: Stiff Body (From Hibernating)
Winter hibernation may be cozy and all, but all this horizontal time can be tough on our bodies — combat back to neck pain while staying warm and cozy this season with a top-rated eco-friendly body pillow made from Biogreen memory-foam.

Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Full Size Body, $69.98, available at Amazon

Good: Dust Vacuum
Healthy Home Cure: Dusty Surfaces
The more time we spend indoors during winter seems to correlate with the amount of dust that settles around our spaces — especially in small and hard to reach nooks and crannies. Stay on top of these seasonal dust storms with this handy small surface vacuum in a cute mushroom design.

HONBAY Mini Table Dust Vaccum, $8.28, available at Amazon

Good: Steam Mop
Healthy Home Cure: Winter Sludge-Caked Floors
We’re all about a first snowfall…Until the sludge-y, salty aftermath ends up all over our floors. Keep your space spotless during the upcoming snow-gates with a steam mop that eliminates, “99.9 percent of germs and bacteria,” and comes complete with Febreze spring breeze discs for a warming dose of sunshine-season freshness.

Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop, $86.58, available at Amazon

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