Avoiding Summer Nail Problem

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Strong, naturally shiny and beautiful nails contribute to the girl’s appearance. Nails are made of keratin, a protein type, therefore need more nail care. The bed of the nail is part of the skin.

The researches have revealed that the finger nails grow faster than the toe nails and the nail of the middle finger grows the fastest. Also an amazing fact is that the nails of girls grow faster in summer and during pregnancy, therefore proper nail care tips must be known to girls.

Diet Care For Beautiful Nails

Diet care to get beautiful nails is the foremost factor which needs to be looked after. If nails do not get the nourishment from inside then they cannot ever get the nourishment from the outside.

Lack of diet can result into many other nail problems such as brittle nails, horizontal or vertical nails, darkened and splitting nails, white band or spots on nails, and last but not the least abnormalities in nail colors. To avoid nail problems in summers try to add more vitamin C and calcium in your diet. Good water intake and rich calcium resources prevent nail problems in summer.

Weakening of Nails in Summer

Chlorine and air conditioning can make the nail surfaces brittle. Hence the exposure to these two must be controlled to avoid nail problems in summer.


Nail polish sometimes gives a pale shade to the nails. Hence two layers of nail polishes with a base coats and lighter colors should be used such as beige, sky blue and pink shades; for sure it enhances the nail beauty in summers.

Scrapped Cuticles

Ocean or pool water dries the skin. Therefore, before diving in apply moisture rich balms. The best nail tips are to soak your nails in half cup of milk for 20 minutes and then massage nails with olive oil. To avoid nail problems in summers never forget to apply sunscreen lotion on nails when you go out.

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