Sex Education Recap: Episodes 1-8

Let Otis’ sexual awakening begin. After his epic season 1 finale wank fest, Otis (Asa Butterfield) can’t seem to give his hand a break. Sex Education season 2’s opening moments are dedicated to him loving himself. Otis’ comfortability with his own member isn’t the only thing that’s changed since last season. He’s now dating Ola (Patricia Allison), while his sex therapist mom Jean (Gillian Anderson) is getting it on with her dad Jakob (Mikael Persbrandt). Maeve (Emma Mackey) is still suspended, which means Otis is giving his clinic a break. At the worst possible time, mind you, since a STI outbreak shows just how much Moordale needs sex advice — both the students and their parents. 

Adam (Connor Swindells) is off at military school trying to sort through his feelings for Eric (Ncuti Gatwa), who is trying to make it happen with the new kid in school. He’s French, ooh la la. Luckily, all this really means is that this NSFW British teen drama is still well, NSFW. So get ready to get very familiar with your couch because it’s time to binge watch all eight episodes of Sex Education season 2. Cue the Divinyls.

Episode 1

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Otis doesn’t want anybody else, when he thinks about B-movies, brie, and the scantily clad woman on the shampoo bottle he touches himself. Unfortunately, his inability to control his urges results in him ejaculating all over his mom’s car window with her standing on the other side. Jean is a cool mom so she sees this as an opportunity to commend his recent sexual advancement and also encourage him to not masturbate in public places since, you know, that’s illegal.

She also sees their breakfast chat as a step forward in their relationship, but Jakob is hiding in her bedroom because she’s too scared to tell Otis she’s dating his girlfriend’s dad, so maybe not? Anyways, Otis would prefer to talk to Eric about his recent pre-dick-ament (sorry, had to). When not laughing at the fact that Otis’ penis has complete control over him, he does offer a bit of advice. Stop wearing corduroy pants, “too much friction.”

Now that Maeve’s no longer at Moordale, Otis has taken a sabbatical from his sex clinic. He’s just focused on Ola, who is officially his girlfriend and is now going to Moordale. She becomes fast friends with Lily (Tanya Reynolds), whose Mean Girls-esque tour of the school makes me love this pairing and want more of them this season.

But no time for that now, there’s a chlamydia outbreak at the school and everyone is freaking out. Just when Otis thought he was out, they pulled him back in with Eric as his new scheduler. Eric is also the Watson to his Sherlock as they attempt to figure out who actually has chlamydia. It’s definitely not Jackson (Kedar Williams-Stirling), who is spiraling out of control. The drastic measure he takes — willingly getting his hand crushed in a weight machine — to get out of swimming is painful to watch.

So where is Maeve? Well, she’s working at the British equivalent of Auntie Anne’s Pretzels until she sees her mom Erin (Anne-Marie Duff). Everyone in Maeve’s family seems to just show up without warning. Erin, who is now in a 12-step program, wants to apologize but Maeve isn’t interested in another “I’m sorry.”

And Otis isn’t interested in another awkward sexual encounter, but here we are. 

After having trouble getting it up with Ola, he falls down the stairs where he sees his mom having sex with Jakob. Honestly, though, Jakob breaking the coffee table with his bare ass is a sight to behold. When Otis hears that his mom is dating, something she usually doesn’t do, he feels betrayed by her again. Detecting a pattern here, how about you?

Meanwhile, to neutralize the “chlamydia outbreak,” an emergency parents meeting is called. Of course, Jean is the star here explaining that misinformation is the real problem. Let’s give it up for her three T’s: Trust, Talking, Truth. While we’re at it, snaps to Eric’s laugh when Otis admits he thinks he ran out of erections and Maeve’s new hair color, which is now a lovely shade of auburn.

Maeve’s most baller move is showing up to her old school with a stack full of essays that she wrote for other students. “If you let me back in, I won’t tell everyone that your school is full of cheats.” When Mr. Groff (Alistair Petrie) doesn’t, she reads them over the PA for the school’s no nonsense chairman to hear. But not before a run-in Otis, who tells her he misses her. Aww. Of course, all this gets overshadowed by the girl fight that Otis ends up breaking up with his face. It’s interesting though that Maeve is able to solve the mystery of who started the chlamydia outbreak within minutes of being back at school. She really has a knack for this stuff.

The lesson this episode? There’s nothing shameful in having an STI, but there is something wrong with not being honest with your partner. Otis takes his own advice and gets honest with Ola about his wanking. She’s super cool about the whole thing because of course she is. Now we’ll see have to how cool they are about their parents’ burgeoning relationship.

Unfortunately, Eric might want to forget about dating Adam since he’s not coming back to Moordale anytime soon. It’s also possible Adam’s dad won’t be there much longer either. Could Jean end up in the head teacher position instead? I’d love to see it. Also, I’d love to see what happens with Maeve and her new neighbor Isaac (George Robinson). And how Ola deals with learning about the sex clinic, which, now that Maeve is back, is once again open for business. 

Episode 2

Whether or not Miss Sands (Rakhee Thakrar) really is a “lovely little female dog,” what is true is that Adam is off at military school and not exactly thriving. Back in town, while he refuses to ask for help, Otis is more than willing to consult his Google-equivalent for tips on how to finger. He’s very interested in “The Clock” technique.

At the same time, his mom is also looking for advice as to what she should talk about in her sex ed-focused school assembly now that the district has recruited her to update their curriculum. Female pleasure is her first suggestion being that the textbooks don’t mention it at all. Maybe she can focus on “The Clock” too? What Jean learns after spending some time addressing Moordale is how hard it is to talk to teenagers about S-E-X without the LOLz. Especially when you decide to do an acapella rendition of Salt-N-Pepa.

While Eric is being stared at by the new French kid Rahim (Sami Outalbali), Maeve is now with the smart kids who all have very big aspirations for the next decade. Her new classmates like Viv (Chinenye Ezeudu), who is also Jackson’s new tutor now that he’s not swimming, are scary smart. Ola being in the class doesn’t help things either, though Aimee (Aimee Lou Wood) can see right through Maeve’s hatred for Otis’ new girlfriend. Well, the feeling is mutual. What Ola is not feeling? Otis’ hands on her vagina. That is until he tries his new technique, which was not working like a Swiss watch by any means. The differing opinions from Ola and Otis on how this all went is tragic. 

What isn’t tragic is Miss Sands’ pep talk about Maeve striving for more than big windows. Cue all the tears. Whereas Viv’s pep talk for Jackson could be a little less of a reality check, don’t you think? However, it does force Jackson to think about a future that hasn’t been pre-determined by his mom. Eric’s reality is that Rahim is totally into him and knows Pablo Neruda poems by heart. “I don’t know her,” might be Eric’s best retort yet. Honestly, why can’t Eric see how into him Rahim is?

Ola is trying to impart some sex advice through carnival games since it’s not easy to tell someone you don’t like their pleasuring technique. Leave it to Lily to just rip that Band-Aid off. She does it again when she tells Jackson to try out for Rome & Juliet. “You’re acting all the time,” she tells him when he turns down the audition invitation. “And you’ll probably get a sword.”

Elbow man Adam has also found a few friends at military school who also have daddy issues and a sex secret they don’t want anyone to know about. Him knowing leads them to do something really reprehensible. Otis is also trying to hide his own secret shame of how he “DJ’d on [Ola’s] vag,” according to Ruthie (Lily Newmark) who gives the best advice of the episode. Well, that is until Jean drops some knowledge on Mr. Hendricks’ class about consent. It also sets up the battle between Mr. Groff and Jean who will be sticking around Moordale whether Otis likes it or not. Maeve is the new quizmaster, which is not the most shocking news of the episode. Her admission, “I don’t think I’m over Otis” is. Oh, and maybe how sexy the word “babaganoush” is.

More episodes to come. Check back on January 19 for the full recap.

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