How does Florida’s Government Help Compulsive Gamblers?

Since taking risks is a part of our nature as a human being, we engage in various activities that offer us huge rewards as well as potential risks. One of them is gambling that has shown incredible growth in the world including in Florida. 

With the inevitable growth of the gambling industry, this state has its own policy to make this field fairer and to fight against gambling concerns. Although Florida has a lower rate of gambling addiction, this state has invested to assist compulsive gamblers since 2011. How does the government of this Sunshine State help the compulsive gamblers?

Adopting Self-Help Programs

Gambling disorder is, actually, an uncontrollable urge to push people to gamble and despite the financial ruins, they keep gambling to solve their problems. One of the policies is to sensitize the pathological gambler to be the members of some communities. Among these charities is Gamblers Anonymous (GA) that has the aim to stop gambling addiction. 

People who come from diverse social backgrounds can join this group. As its name suggests, the association is confidential and anonymous so that the affiliates can share safely and confidently their experiences. The system of Gam-Anon is to invite the gambler’s family member and friend to participate in the program of the association.

Another program that can assist the problem gamblers is the Celebrate Recovery (CR). People are helped to overcome their pains and their habits. As a matter of fact, with its 8-step program that is based on Christ, the gamblers can solve their issues. The free system is focused on the Bible and encourages people to defeat their problems.

Opting for Professional Counselors

Apart from the organizations, Florida has also counselors that provide support to the gamblers who experience gambling problems. These experts are certified and the compulsive gamblers who desire to stop gambling should contact a HelpLine. 

They can share their personal information with trained specialists. They will benefit from treatments and can choose to attend the group counseling sessions individually, in a couple, or in a group. There a lot of professionals from international gambling sites outside the UK available that took the experience of the UK based counselors with their special approaches. However, treating the addiction linked to international betting companies based not in the UK may be different, but there are a lot of techniques that are very effective. This professional counseling is not free but there are some insurance companies that have provided coverage for the treatment. 

Moreover, advice and counseling service is available through Recovery Path. This latter is a technology that helps the gamblers escaping through gambling addiction.

Accepting Financial and Legal Supports

Apart from the professional programs to assist and treat the gamblers, there are also financial supports that can help them to manage their budget. Many resources can aid the compulsive gamblers including the Pressure Relief Group Meeting, A Chance to Change, Credit Counseling referrals, and many others.

These services offer support for addiction disorders and mental illness. There is also Florida Council on Compulsive Gambling or FCCG that can confidentially assist on the individuals affected by problem gambling.

Sensitizing Gamblers for Self-exclusion and Internet Blocking

For the gamblers who become addicted to gambling, many software were also launched to limit their access to gambling sites. These gamblers can exclude themselves from the platforms when they feel that they begin to become addicted to gambling. 

The goal of these platforms is, in fact, to help the gamblers who are at risk to develop gambling issues by blocking themselves from gambling websites or online casinos. They can do this self-exclusion at their convenience. There are a lot of successful solutions such as a landbased self-exclusion tool called “SENSE” in the UK. Furthermore, these platforms assist and support the gamblers by providing other additional services in the purpose to aid them to control their gambling activities. 

Some of these platforms require the beneficiaries to pay small fees whereas others are completely free. There are also community organizations and social services that are related to gambling which are always available to help people facing gambling concerns. Some of them include Crisis Centers, Residential Treatment Centers, Statewide Hotlines, Social Service Organizations, VA Clinics, College Counseling Centers, and much more.

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