4 Positive Effects Drumming has on Your Life

Everyone listens to music in some way or another. Most even consider it to be an essential part of their lives. That’s why learning to play an instrument is enjoyable. And what better way to start learning than with the core instrument of so many tunes – the drums?

Drumming, by itself, has a plethora of benefits for your life. When you pick up a drum set and learn to play, you’re setting yourself up for success. Here are four positive effects drumming has on your life as a whole.

1) Improves Academic Performance

Many scientists draw a strong positive correlation between musical training and academic performance. Students enrolled in music courses perform better than their non-musical counterparts. 

This information is according to a study published in the scientific journal Behavioural Brain Research. Simply enjoying music may also cause improvement in school.

It’s easy to draw the correlation between this result and drumming specifically. Learning percussion helps students break things into fractions as they must divide music into specific beats. It also helps in subjects like English by helping students identify emotional cues. These are present in both music and verbal communication.

2) Helps You Gain Confidence

Drumming requires dynamism. Timid percussionists may not have the force required to strike the drum at the right time or play loud enough. The longer you play the drums, the more confident you can become in your abilities.

Great drummers aren’t afraid to flail their arms and legs to create the perfect beat. This confidence easily transfers to other areas in life. You’ll be able to try new things without the fear of failure. After all, new drummers often fail at a new rhythm – and loudly!

3) Teaches Dedication

Many people believe that playing an instrument is difficult. This belief is justified, as it requires the player to learn an entirely new language and skillset. However, its difficulty makes learning an instrument more rewarding when you master it!

Drummers go through great lengths to practice as much as possible. It’s vital to master the fundamental beats before moving on to the next level. Even the masters will go back to the basics to learn new techniques. This level of dedication, even when it seems impossible, is an invaluable lesson for many musicians.

4) Cultivates a Sense of Community

Any time you complete an activity with a group of people, it helps cultivate a sense of community. Playing music is no different. 

The aspect of community applies to drummers, as their beat sets the tempo and rhythm of everyone around them. When everyone follows the same rhythm, they feel empowered and connected.

If you’ve ever been a part of a drum circle, you’ve seen this phenomenon. Drum circles specifically alleviate any individual pressure or isolation when everyone plays the same rhythm. You’ll even find many people dancing in the middle of one, responding to the rhythm. It also gets hearts beating and blood pumping altogether as one.

In Conclusion

Drumming has a critical role to play in music and our lives. These four benefits are just some of the many ways learning to play, and appreciating percussion can improve your life tenfold.

The best thing about drumming is that you don’t have to buy fancy equipment to learn. A pair of hands is all it takes to understand the basics of rhythm, making it easily accessible for people of all ages and classes. This ease of access will give you time to save up for a used set, and then for the set of your dreams!

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