How To Select Bed Linen For Kids Rooms

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

How To Select Bed Linen For Kids RoomsYour bedroom décor is incomplete if you don’t have the right linen to match with the theme and furniture of your bedroom. A bedding purchase is based on how well it meshes up with your needs. But when it comes to your kid’sroom, you need to be extra careful because you have to keep a lot of things in mind like if your child is allergic to any particular fabric. Hence, here are some tips to select bed linen for your kid’sroom:

• Crisp, cool or smooth linen
If you want to give your kid’s room a smooth and cool look, then go for plain weave bed linens such as batiste, voile or percale. Another benefit of plain weave linen is that they are prone to wrinkling.

• Highly lustrous bedding
If your child skin is sensitive then prefer satin linen for your kid’s room. It minimizes ironing and easy to wash. Parents should avoid selecting highly lustrous bedding for their kid’s room as this royal treatment might make them arrogant or rude.

• Cold or hot?
If you live in a tropical country, then prefer fabric like satin but if you live in a country with a very cold climate then go for woolen bed sheets. These two fabrics are prone to wrinkling and hence, make your task easier when you find the need to change the bed room sheets.

• Linen, silk or rayon fabric?
If you want to keep cool in warmer months then choose linen as it is highly absorbent and draws heat away from the body. Silk is also absorbent which keeps you warm in winter. Rayon is also made from bamboo which is twice as absorbent as rayon. Rayon has natural deodorant and anti-bacterial properties which will protect your child from bacteria and viruses to enter the body while they are sleeping.

• For people who have sensitive skin
Choose bed linens that are certified GOTS Eco-friendly bedding. The reason of choosing such bed sheet is to assure that the bed linens are manufactured free of all the substance or material harmful to your kids.

• Linens with extra thick mattress
If your kid’s room has an extra thick mattress then select sheets with extra deep pockets and oversized comforter. It will keep your kids safe from falling from the bed or smashing their head in the side tables.
• Fitted sheets
Kids tend to jump on the bed or play around so select those fitted sheets that have elastic all around that will allow your kids to remain secure on the bed.

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