Blonde Wig Ultimate Confidence Booster

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Blonde Wig Ultimate Confidence Booster

Anyone with platinum blonde hair will tell you: The color is a commitment. So, if a day of double-process dyeing at the salon isn’t in the cards for you, a wig is an easy way to try out the look. Yaya Ogun, the star of Hair Me Out’s latest episode, opted for a platinum blonde wig to change up her style without spending hours in the chair with foils on her head.

“I’ve never done real color before,” Ogun says, explaining that she’s only ever experimented with shades of brown. Bright blonde was a far cry from what she’s used to, but it didn’t stop her from taking the plunge. Millicent Reid, a wig expert based in Los Angeles, helped Ogun with her transformation, installing an icy blonde wig (think Saweetie) on her client. To start, she braided Ogun’s hair down into straight-back cornrows. “I used the hot comb because I want the braids to lay very flat,” Reid explains.

Once Ogun’s hair was braided down, Reid used makeup on the wig’s lace to help it blend into her client’s complexion, then secured it using Bold Hold Glue. “This is an adhesive glue that is going to stick the lace to her skin,” Reid explains. To ensure a safe hold, Reid bonded the glue to Ogun’s skin using a blowdryer. After the wig installation was complete, Reid styled Ogun’s baby hairs and created soft curls. “This is probably the biggest physical change I’ve ever done,” Ogun says. “It’s boosted my confidence. I feel super leveled up.” Click play to see her transformation in full.

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You can publish this article on your website as long as you provide a link back to this page.

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