Here’s what happens if you lie on your health insurance policy and its impact

Health insurance is meant to offer you and your family member a financial safety net for your medical treatments and hospital charges. If you suffer from any diseases or illness, which is covered in your medical policy, then you need not worry about your expensive treatment and rising medical bills in the least. An ideal health insurance policy will not only take care of your medical bills and treatment expenditure but also cover transportation to the hospital, annual health check-ups, lifelong renewability option, daycare treatments, and much more.

However, there is a common mistake a lot of us make when we buy health insurance. Most people think that a small lie here and there when buying a health insurance policy hurts no one. However, if you think that you can lie or fudge certain details related to yourself, your family, your medical background etc., then you could be in for a world of trouble. 

⦁    Many people think that disclosing or lying about their pre-existing medical conditions could complicate their insurance policy and even lead to rejection in some cases. However, forging details or sharing incorrect information about your health status when buying the policy can also lead to rejection when you apply for a claim.  
⦁    Sometimes, policyholders fudge details about their lifestyle habits or even existing medical symptoms as they worry about the premium amount rising for the health insurance policy of their choice.  
⦁    Some people don’t intend to lie on their policy but inadvertently end up doing so because they are unaware of their current medical conditions or haven’t been diagnosed. The best solution for this is to get a thorough medical check-up before applying for a health insurance policy, so you are aware of your current health and plausible symptoms, if any. 


If you lie when buying a health insurance policy, then a lot can go wrong for you as a policyholder, and you may not even be able to reap the insurance benefits for which you bought the policy in the first place. One of the most common reasons people lie while applying for a health insurance policy is pre-existing diseases/illnesses. However, there are ways to ensure that you get the best insurance cover even with an existing disease or condition.  
Are you buying a health insurance policy with a pre-existing illness? If yes, then here are some simple tips you must follow: 

⦁    Make it a point to get tested or at least have a basic health check-up done before buying a health insurance policy. This way there is documented proof of your current health status and it becomes easier for you to get your insurance claim processed in the future. 
⦁    Disclose all your medical conditions clearly when you are buying the plan. Be it an existing disease or illness, or signs of an impending one, it is better to be clear from the beginning.  
⦁    Most health insurance providers ask about lifestyle habits like drinking and smoking, and it is important that you disclose your habits and mention the frequency with accuracy. In the future, when you are applying for a claim, and the reason behind that disease or illness turns out to be your lifestyle habits, then a non-disclosure of the same could render your health insurance policy null and void.  
⦁    Ideally, you must also get a health insurance policy that has a short waiting period because that way your pre-existing diseases can get cover at the earliest.  
⦁    Buy your health insurance at a younger age as that will allow you benefits of the waiting period and offer coverage in the later years when your pre-existing diseases develop.  

Another major impact of lying on medical covers and insurance policies, which most people forget, is the tax benefit that your health insurance policy offers. The Income Tax Act of 1961 allows the policyholder to avail a tax deduction on the yearly premiums they pay towards their health insurance policy. If you forge any details while buying the policy or lie about your pre-existing condition, then you will not be eligible for any of the tax benefits either. So, remember to accurately provide all your details when buying a health insurance policy so you can reap the benefits in future.

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