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Organizing Your House

This article was last updated on February 14, 2024

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Understanding the Importance of Organization

Clutter can hamper productivity and induce a sense of mental uneasiness. A hallway overwhelmed with unnecessary items, a redundant collection of body lotions, or multiple cheese slicers, all contribute to a disorganized living space that ultimately fuels mental clutter. Professional organizers can help you address this issue, but with the right strategies, you can bring order to your home too. An essential aspect of maintaining an organized house is developing a system where all things have their ‘home.’ Bundle similar items together like rubber bands, put toys like DUPLO in one bin, reduce the surplus by minimizing the number of similar items, label everything, and ensure they are consistently returned to their designated places. While this task might appear daunting for most people, with firm determination and a thought-out plan, anyone can achieve it. The key lies in shifting the general perception that being organized is an overwhelming task.

Hiring Professionals vs. Doing it Yourself

The task of organizing a house might seem mundane but requires a sincere commitment of time and energy. Sometimes, hiring a professional to streamline things can save both. Although it might appear as an extravagance to some, this is a common practice in the US, where professional organizers are hired to bring a system to the chaos. The realization of organization being a purchasable service, just like a taxi or a babysitter, is gradually setting in.

DIY Tips for Organizing Your Home

If you intend to tackle the task yourself, try these techniques to make the process more manageable: – Rather than postponing small tasks, complete anything that takes two minutes or less immediately. This could entail stowing away shoes, replacing the toilet roll, or straightening the rugs. – Seasonal sorting can also be beneficial – store away winter coats, scarves, and hats in summer, and do the same with summer clothes in winter. – Organize your house incrementally. Work on one shelf or cupboard at a time to accomplish smaller, achievable goals. – Dispose of items that are no longer in use or are damaged. Be realistic about what you need and what you don’t. – Use attractive organizing solutions like wicker baskets, bamboo containers, and earthenware cups instead of plastic boxes for a visually appealing arrangement. – Maintain a compartmentalized drawer for small items such as rubber bands, paper clips, receipts, keys, and cables.

Addressing the Emotional Aspect of Organizing

Organizing is not just about physical decluttering; it is also about emotional decluttering. Often, people attach emotional values to their possessions leading to a hoard of belongings, making it hard to get rid of them. This makes professional organizers perform a dual role – they don’t just reorganize their client’s possessions but also help them through the emotional stress of parting with their belongings. In essence, these professionals don’t just work on organizing your home, but they also cater to your emotional well-being.

Turning Organization into a Habit

Organizing should not be considered a one-time task, but an ongoing process. It involves creating a system that sustains over a long period, and requires consistency in putting items back in their rightful places after use. Professional organizer services do more than just organizing your space once – they enable you to learn the process so that you can continue to maintain the organization. After the initial service, they can offer assistance as needed to help you update and maintain the system. With these tips, organizing your house should no longer seem an overwhelming task but a stepping stone to a clutter-free, productive life.

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