Tips For Wrinkle Free Skin

For all the young girls out there who are facing wrinkles on skin, now its time to get rid of. instead of trying every new product Claiming to give you a glowing wrinkle free skin, its time to apply homemade wrinkle free tips.

1. Lay Your Hands on Egg White:

Apply egg white on your skin and then wait for 15 minutes then gently rinse off with lukewarm water. The egg whites naturally tighten your skin and allow you to enjoy laugh lines. 

2. Try good old Vicco turmeric Formula:

Yes, turmeric has both anti-ageing and antiseptic properties, mix it well with rose water or sugarcane juice will prevent your skin from wrinkles. It’s a monthly process, so be patient and keep on applying this mixture twice a week.

3. Magic of Avocado:


Fruit is a blessing for a premature wrinkle skin. Each of the anti aging cream you use has Avocado in it but mixed with other chemicals. What about applying the fresh pulp that will pamper your skin

4. Honey with Lemon Juice:

Apply few drops of lemon juice on your face, for those who have sensitive skin may add honey into it to prevent from blemishes and age spots.

5. Oils – Natural Resource:

There are number of essential oils that could get you rid of a spotted skin, including sandalwood, geranium, rosewood, neroli, rose jasmine and frankincense. Use any one you like and make your skin naturally anti wrinkle.

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