Lotto Max: Fri Jan 14: No winner!

Oh my gawd, the suspension is killing me! Thirty-two million bucks and there was no winner. That means we all have to wait for another week to see which one of us lucky souls is going to walk away without a care in the world.
According to the official Lotto Max site, we have zero prizes going out at the top of the class. If it’s any consolation, there are two prizes of $231,068.60 which I guess is nothing to sneeze at. As I go down the list, I notice that there wasn’t even a winner for the million dollar Encore. Hmmm, this doesn’t seem to be a "winning" night. The only thing left to do is wait for tonight’s (Sat Jan 15) 6/49 which is set to hand over three point five million, a mere pittance in comparison with the Max pot of gold but what the hey? I’d take it.
Lotto Max: Fri Jan 14/11: winning numbers
02 06 10 12 24 30 37
Bonus: 03
Encore: 5816728
And for next week?
Lotto Max: Fri Jan 21/11: estimated $46,000,000
6/49: Sat Jan 15/11: $3,500,000
Wed Jan 12/11: $6,790,272.10
We have a winner!
Winning number: 04-09-15-27-28-46 and the Bonus number is18
All the latest winning numbers
You can visit the Lotto web site and check out all the latest winning numbers including Poker, 49, Lottario, Keno, Pick 4, Pick 3 and Payday. Of course, all the Encore numbers can be found there as well.
Good luck to all of us!

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