Review: Bourjois Paris Souffle de Velvet (5 shades)

You must be aware that I work for two different magazines. It gets difficult for me to maintain a balance between my blog and work, but I shall henceforth endeavour to post more often. I'd like you to know that I've made a schedule for my forthcoming blog posts. Anyway, let's proceed ahead with the review as this post is all about a brand called 'Bourjois Paris'. They launched a lipstick collection back in 2015, and I own 3 different shades from the lot. I have tried a lot of liquid lipsticks, but 'Rouge Edition Velvet' lipsticks by Bourjois Paris are certainly the best. If you're into liquid lipsticks, grab some of your favourites as Bourjois has a phenomenal range of colours. In 2016, they changed the formula and came up with a new version of liquid lipsticks called 'Rouge Edition Souffle de Velvet'. I personally adore bold and bright lip colours, but the Souffle collection consists of shades that are more wearable. Moreover, the formula of these liquid lipsticks intrigued me as they look sheer but are matte in texture. The souffle edition has a creamy consistency, and you only need a single swipe to cover your entire lips.

Furthermore, I absolutely adore the packing; they come in small tubes that are perfect for all those who travel a lot. If you're planning to hit the beach this summer, throw a few of your favourite shades in your backpack and voila you're ready to go. Also, they do not feel tacky or sticky on my lips. The 'Rouge Edition Souffle de Velvet' collection is for all those who are fond of lip-glosses and desire a bit of colour. The collection altogether has 8 different shades, and I own 5 of them. Let's talk about the lasting power. Shall we? I applied one in shade '08 Carameli Melo' in the morning, and went to the office for approximately 8 hours; my lipstick was intact when I came back at home. Hence, the lasting power is undoubtedly amazing.

Now that we have discussed everything about the collection and its lasting power, I'd like to talk about the pigmentation. As I have stated before, I love bold colours, but I do not mind wearing these for a change. I was fascinated with the idea of trying these, but most of them looked similar to me. I apologise for shattering any illusions that you may have, but these are not identical; each and every shade is unique and different from one another. You get a decent amount of pigmentation in two swipes. I was trying to build up the intensity but ended up looking like a mess. Hence, two swipes are more than enough. 
Top to bottom: 01 Orangelique, 02 Coquelic' oh!, 04 Ravie en rose, 07 Plum plum pidou, 08 Carameli melo. 




Key points:

  • Light in weight
  • Long lasting
  • Good pigmentation
  • Inexpensive and easily accessible
  • Adorable packaging
That's pretty much for now. I hope you lovely lasses like my post and I shall see you in the next one.
Availability:, Lifestyle, Boots, Naheed supermarket, Imtiaz.
Price: AED 79 / USD 13.50  
Until next time!
5/5 – Recommended
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