UN Agencies Responding To IDPs In Wau, South Sudan

This article was last updated on May 28, 2022

Joint United Nations agencies based in Wau State have started responding to thousands of Internally Displace persons who were forced out from their homes during the Saturday clashes in Wau town.

IOM and WFP officials in Wau [Photo by James Dimo]
By James Deng Dimo
WAU, 28 June 2016 [Gurtong] – World Food Programme, (WFP) International Medical Corp (IMC) and the International Organization for Immigration (IOM) joined with other local NGOs are currently working hand in hand registering thousands of affected people who have sheltered opposite to the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) compound in Wau town.
According to a WFP official who requested for anonymity, they are registering the people so as to identify the number of individuals who are in dire need of food assistance.
“We are working separately; the medical teams are working on the side of medical facilities while the world body, the WFP is trying to find out the number of people before commencing to provide food supply,” he said.
On Sunday, the world’s body said in a statement that it provided protection to approximately 10,000 civilians who fled the violence on Friday and Saturday when fighting erupted in the town between the so called unknown gunmen and the South Sudanese army (SPLA).

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