Go the stockings way!

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Go the stockings way!

From what we been observing, a large legion of fashionable women seem to be encasing their precious legs in the best of stockings. Whether it is the thigh-high, knee-high or ankle-high stockings, Chennai is making the best of this garment. It is ideal for those who are wary of showing off too much skin and still don’t want to be all covered up.

Stockings originally came in boring colours, but the new-age printed ones can add a new dimension to any look! Check out how model Sneha works her printed stockings with a killer dress and matching kitten-healed clogs. The other model has given her ensemble a great twist with a pair of thin socks underneath…pure chic!
You can even wear stockings with shorts or divided skirts for a sporty look. Needless to say, when worn with a cute A-line dress, they make for an adorable look.

Because they are sheer and stretchy, stockings give a woman’s body a slim silhouette. But for the sexy look, look no further than lacy suspenders. Wear them at the risk of turning heads and making other ladies turn a deep shade of jealous green!

But there are some no-nos too. When worn with long dresses or skirts they can make one look older and frumpy. Just remember, even the smallest ladder is simply impermissible!

Go now, have some sheer fun!

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