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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Dazzling diamonds, gorgeous garnets, enticing emeralds and red rubies. A woman’s best friends. But, with the designs getting commoner by the day, they don’t really make you stand out in a party anymore.

If being spotted in a crowd is your concern, then you can try out prêt jewellery which comes in an array of creative designs each one different from the other. Prêt jewellery not only looks beautiful, but also very stylish.

“Diamonds have always been closest to every woman’s heart, but prêt jewellery is definitely unique. One can get it customised as per one’s preference. This allows every person to choose and have their own individual personality in their jewel and that is its biggest USP. Today’s generation is open to this new concept of jewellery and, I personally think, designers should try their hand at prêt because that’s the next best thing happening to get them noticed,” says well-known jewellery designer, Varuna D Jani.

A lot of designers have already jumped on to the prêt bandwagon. Recently, designer Raghavendra Rathore tied up with an exclusive jewellery brand to showcase his prêt line of jewellery with the Rajasthan motifs. Prêt jewellery has also scorched the ramps in the various fashion weeks in the country.

Established jeweller Harshang Zaveri feels that prêt jewellery is slowly becoming popular among the consumers. “Understanding the needs and the wants of our customers, we make sure each piece is made to custom designs. They aren’t even repeated unless the customer asks for a repeat, thus making the purchase one of its kind,” explains he.

Prêt surely has its admirers who don’t mind digging deep into their pockets to get a stylish neckpiece or a cocktail ring, chic diamond hoops with precious stones or a dainty bracelet.

Udita Ray, a PR professional, says, “Designer jewellery is very stylish indeed, but also very expensive. Since many are getting into prêt, maybe they’ll think of reducing the price. To think about it, I don’t mind spending a little more for something which can be customised according to what I want or carved according to my likes.”

The quaint design you always wanted — a chic brooch or a stylish hairband with a piece of jewellery on it, a pink diamond a la JLo — can be yours now and, you can be sure that you’ll be the only one to have it!

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